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EU: One should not speculate about Borrell's report on the measures against Kosovo

EU: One should not speculate about Borrell's report on the measures against

The European Union has said that the deadline for the submission of the report of the High Representative of the EU, Josep Borrell, about the measures imposed on Kosovo, and the content of this report, are inter-institutional matters of the EU, and cannot be discussed about them. to speculate actors outside the European bloc. This is what the spokesperson of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security, Peter Stano, said on Monday, answering questions about when the report can be expected to be delivered and what its content is expected to be.

"First of all, the report of the High Representative was requested by the Council. So the member states have asked the High Representative to send them that report and he will send the report to the member states. These member countries will be the first to know what the report contains. This has not happened yet", said this EU spokesperson.

According to Stanos, the report is about the dynamics of the EU institutions, and he said that no one outside the EU should speculate about the content and deadlines. He made these statements after being asked to comment on a position of the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Besnik Bislim, who a few days ago said that he has "information that Borrell has prepared his report and that he has proposed the removal of measures against Kosovo ".

"Member countries will be the first to know the content, it will be discussed, and then the necessary decisions will be made", said Stano, warning that the Kosovo authorities will also be notified of the submission of the report.

"We see no need to speculate on the part of different actors".

More than a year has passed since the European Union imposed punitive measures against Kosovo, after the escalation of the situation in the north of the country.

The EU has assessed that Kosovo has not taken sufficient steps to avoid the conflict. Stano has again called for all steps to be taken to reduce tensions in the northern part of Kosovo and for all parties to refrain from inciting and unilateral actions.

"Obviously, we are worried about the situation in the north [of Kosovo], because we have seen in the past unilateral, uncoordinated steps that have led to a new escalation. And this is also related to the issue of measures. The continuous escalation resulted in the measures of the EU".

He has mentioned that the Government of Kosovo, as well as the Serbian side, have an obligation to do everything they can to avoid any eventual escalation.

Serbia does not recognize Kosovo's independence and is constantly engaged in lobbying campaigns against Kosovo. The two countries have been in dialogue in Brussels, for the normalization of relations, since 2011. The parties have signed a number of agreements, but not all of them have been implemented./rel

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