Severely in Gjakova, a 4-year-old girl is beaten to death

Severely in Gjakova, a 4-year-old girl is beaten to death

A serious incident happened in Gjakovë, where a 4-year-old girl lost her life. From the reports so far, it is said that the girl was raped by some minors, but nothing official has been confirmed by the authorities yet.

The mother of the 4-year-old girl, Arjana Hajra from Gjakova, had gone to the hospital to visit her other child (son), and had left the 4-year-old outside to play with children.

Afterwards, he found her lying on the ground crying. According to Hajra, the girl had told her that she had been beaten by the children of family members who had gone to visit them.

"I took the hook, it started with a kite. I told him what's up, he said I'm sorry, Jakupi has a board like this and Sabija's son is beating me all over. She doesn't cry very well either. You come, I don't walk with you, 'oh mom, my heart is aching', I took her in the back and now, as in her words, I didn't take her anymore, Hajra said.

She further says that the minor did not have the strength to stand and had bruises on her back and swelling on her chest. After sending her to the Gjakova Hospital, the doctors confirmed that the girl had serious head and chest injuries. After the deterioration of the condition, the four-year-old girl was sent for treatment to KKUK in Pristina. But her mother claims she was given another cause, which unfortunately resulted in her death.

" In the middle of the night, the doctor called me to come into the room, where she was. Come in, come with me, and the doctor will come, she's treating me, oh my god, she's not sick from being beaten, she has a big infection. "He was bleeding from the big infection ," she added.

The cause of death from an infection is also mentioned by the Director of the Emergency Clinic at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, Naser Syla, but he did not answer when asked if the 4-year-old had signs of violence on her body. From the Regional Directorate of Police in Gjakovë, they did not say more about the case than what is stated in the 24-hour report of the Kosovo Police until they gave an answer to the interview of the suspects for beating the minor. The Prosecutor's Office acted in the same way.

"We inform you that a case of death investigation has been initiated and by the prosecutor's decision the dead body of the victim has been sent to the IML for autopsy. In coordination with the police, all actions related to this case are being undertaken", said the Basic Prosecutor's Office in Gjakovë.

The mother of the deceased said that her brother denied that his son beat the minor, as he was interrogated by the Kosovo Police. The report of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, where the body was sent for expertise, is expected to shed light on the case that has been described as a "death investigation".

This is how the coalition of NGOs for the Protection of Children reacted to the event.

"According to the reports and suspicions raised by the girl's parents which have been broadcast in the media, the deceased allegedly suffered an attack from two other children, being forcefully hit on the back and chest, which also led to her fall on the road.

Despite the serious condition of the child, the parents stated that the medical response to her condition was insufficient. They claim that during yesterday they asked for medical help for their daughter several times, but they only received some superficial advice from the medical team, tragically underestimating the severity of her condition", the press release states.

According to the parents, the girl did not receive a complete medical examination and her proper treatment was neglected causing fatality, which according to KOMF raises deep concerns and questions about the professional ethics of the medical personnel.

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