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Osmani in the Security Council: The children were burned alive by the Serbs

Osmani in the Security Council: The children were burned alive by the Serbs

President Vjosa Osmani began her speech at the regular reporting session on the security situation in Kosovo in the last six months by mentioning NATO's intervention in the country 25 years ago. She said that this marked a historic moment in the modern history of humanity and a turning point for Kosovars who were looking for freedom.

"Today, as I stand here representing my country, the Republic of Kosovo, I remember the deep impact of the union of democracies for a common goal. It was only 25 years ago when NATO's intervention together with my people's unwavering aspiration for freedom marked not only a decisive turning point in the history of our country, but also a decisive historical moment in the modern history of mankind. That intervention was not only about building peace, it was primarily and most importantly about protecting the sanctity of human life and the right of all people to live free from fear of destruction and persecution. That development emphasized the necessity that when one of us is threatened by tyranny, it is a threat to all. It reminded us of the necessity of acting as a united force in the face of grave injustice, protecting human lives at all costs," Osmani said.

Osmani took four Kosovo heroines with him today in the session: Elhame Muqolli, Vasfije Krasniqi-Goodmani, Shyhrete Tahiri-Sylejmani and Fahrije Hoti. The country's first mentioned the Poklek Massacre, part of which was Elhame Muqolli, who escaped this massacre.

"Five days ago, we marked the 25th anniversary of one of the cruelest, most inhuman massacres of the Milosevic regime. Elhame Muqolli, who accompanies me to the meeting today, was only 14 years old when her house was raided by the police forces of Serbia. First, 53 civilians, mostly children, were shot after they had all gathered in one room. While the police left to get supplies, Elhamja managed to jump out of the window and run away, despite being wounded by bullets. Soon after, the police returned with gasoline to set all 53 civilians on fire. Elhamja will never be able to forget the deafening screams of some of the children who were still alive as they burned. And as if that wasn't enough, the police repeatedly set fire to it. Little children aged 6 and 10 months were burned in an attempt to eradicate them from the face of the earth just because they were Albanians; just because they belonged to a different ethnicity than the police and army. The rate of cremation was so severe that the surviving family members had so little of their loved ones left that they could place all 53 victims in a single grave. A memorial was built in memory of the victims near where it all happened, but not a single Serbian politician - not a single one - knelt before the grave of those little children. And when you consider that massacres of this magnitude took place in almost every corner of the country, with small children, women, including pregnant women, killed mercilessly, because of the war-mongering mentality that is still alive and started in Belgrade". Osmani said.

Osmani also said that the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vučič, has never apologized for the massacres committed by Serbia in Kosovo.

"So ladies and gentlemen, you can listen to Vucic's propaganda and let him push his revisionism of history based on Russia's playbook, but the only truth about the Vucic regime is one of constant denial. and never accepting responsibility for these horrible crimes; never apologizing or showing a sign of remorse. Never. The Poklek massacre, like all the massacres in Kosovo, showed that Milosevic and his then Minister of Propaganda, today sitting in the chair of a president, not only wanted to wipe all Kosovo Albanians off the face of the earth, but also destroy the evidence in its entirety and leave no witnesses. However, they failed, over and over again. While Elhamja sits with me here today, demanding nothing but justice, Vuçiqi, sitting there, still provides shelter, protection and promotion, to the special police units and army brigade that committed the crimes against Elhamja's family," she said.

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