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Basha's petty attempts to block his opponents in the party through the media

Basha's petty attempts to block his opponents in the party through the

Alfred Lela

Bardh Kadilli, member of the Democratic Party leadership, former MP, and former councilor of Berisha, called today a press conference, held at a resort on the outskirts of the capital. Apparently to avoid the luxurious and expensive hotels of the center and the fact that he avoided his party. Kadilli told reporters that he had insisted on the Press Office to mediate the possibility of a public exit from the headquarters, under the white-and-blue logo of the PD, of which he is an exponent.

The press office had ignored his request. Of course, after signaling the party chairman.

This blockage has been transmitted to a part of the media that are seen as close to Lulzim Basha. Non-stop information televisions, which also give space to two Golf 3s that scratch or break bumpers in a collision in the New Ring, blocked the Democratic candidate for party chairman, in other words, one of the main news of the day.

I contacted fellow journalists today who told me that they had received instructions from their bosses not to give space to Kadilli and all those who belong to the 'anti-Basha line'. The Democratic Party chairman himself has made 'friendly' phone calls to media chiefs to block those seeking his resignation.

The hosts of my prime political shows have been signaled to close the panels to the activists of a political action, which seems to be the main political event of the summer. In addition to Basha's efforts to document alleged election fraud, the statements of Nishani, Kadilli, Imam, and others will be references to this hot political season, whether we like it or not.

Trying to 'kill' one of the most important political messages is diabolical, but it also proves a painful fact. How, the same ones who insult Edi Rama as the author of an anti-media and anti-journalistic campaign, use the same methods to silence the candidates and analysts against them. This is twice as dangerous when their perpetrator resides, not in the government headquarters but the opposition leader's office.

With a big difference even in this case. Rama has the courage and arrogance to do these battles in public by fighting with his rivals, while his shadow in the opposition plays in the shadows, ordering from behind the scenes to block thinking differently.

This is bad news for the media itself because both sides, the two leaders, see it as an outlet to insert their plug and remove that of the opponent. It is bad news because it is an attempt to stop the debate through which democracy functions and develops.

Now it remains only to see the last act of this tragicomic insolence. Behind the televisions near Basha, by those close to Rama who close the screen of the 'anti-Basha' movement. This will prove the most painful. After defeating the chairman of the Democratic Party, the prime minister will seek to keep him installed at the head of the opposition to defeat him again.

Apparently, ‘you haven’t seen anything yet’ is an axiom that leads on both sides.

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