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Beware of the Police (which guards against bandits)

Beware of the Police (which guards against bandits)

Alfred Lela


The news of two murders of young people has been crisscrossed the news chronicles in recent days, ending December 8, which otherwise should have been Youth Day, also a day of reflection for these 30 years in transition.

A 26-year-old, Xhulio Prela, was killed in mysterious circumstances on the national axis leading to Lezha, while a 25-year-old was executed by the Police at midnight on Monday in Tirana. In both cases, we have the involvement of the police.

In the first, the victim is a policeman, while in the second the killer is such.

Official press releases and other police sources both conceal more than they reveal or reveal what they seek to conceal.

Young Prela is a victim who still wanders between two statuses: the martyr killed under the uniform of the state and the dead who goes to the other world without an address, or worse, is pushed towards the wrong address.

Investigations should tell us why Julio Prela was killed; lest he also passes with the ease with which his colleagues in uniform were escorted: towards oblivion and uncertainties over the status of their deaths.

Delays, information leaks, contradictions make even the State Police suspect.

As it is, especially in the case of Tirana. Suspected also for the contradictory drafting of the official communiqué. Where was given the 25-year-old who ran away, whose pistol fell to the ground, and who was then shot to death? The question can be made quite simple: someone who runs away from the police and drops his weapon, what is the danger of being neutralized through death?

Apart from police sources and the testimonies of any of the relatives, the media have no other way to investigate the shadows after this death. But it is always worth contradicting the statements of the police, one thing said here that is contradicted by another further and later, and a third, fourth, and so on the variant.

Yes, the police are suspect because we have seen publicly, in the middle of the day and in the middle of Tirana, in some cases, her excitement to use force and violence disproportionately. We have seen it in the opposition protests, as we have witnessed in the case of the collapse of the National Theater.

Police officers, in uniform or not, special forces and police chiefs, engaged without stepping in a chain of violence against journalists, activists, and completely defenseless citizens. This violence was lustfully defended in the media by Minister Lleshaj and Prime Minister Rama more than anyone, and silently by other police chiefs.

A policeman acting incontinently during the day, under political impetus, as was the case with the National Theater, is several times more indefinable than law, ethics, morality, and compassion, at night.

Contradictions and night unite the two murders of young people in Lezha and Tirana. One was a police officer and the other a police victim.

Only those two souls, who are no longer among us, know the absolute truth of events. It remains for us to ask the police and suspect him. Fort. Rightly so. Without stopping.

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