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Will Basha step out of the naive pro-American role and become American? 

Will Basha step out of the naive pro-American role and become American? 

Alfred Lela

Lulzim Basha is daring in the leadership even though he has misdemeanor bravery. At first, he left to the Americans the entire burden of the decision to expel Sali Berisha from the parliamentary group, raising the hands of the helpless.

It took the intervention of Ambassador Kim during an interview with VOA's Armand Mero colleague, emphasizing that the decision was Basha's. In a way, Kim returned the 'sovereignty of the president's decision, exactly the genre that, according to Berisha, the PD lacks with Basha as the head.

A step towards courage was taken by the chairman of the Democratic Party when he said, in a special press release, which appeared under the guise of a reaction to the budget, but it was especially for Berisha, that 'there is no turning back.

Namely, neither for the expulsion of Berisha nor for calling the forums to review the decision in question. Okay, strong. But Basha goes back when he again wants to push the 'hot potato into the hands of the Americans. Leaving out the Ambassador, he, according to media reports, said today at the meeting of the presidency of the parliamentary group that the decision was taken with the intervention of high-ranking people in the US administration.

Although he is slowly coming out of the anesthesia of the strong action he has taken, he is still calm. By increasing the rank of Sali Berisha's seekers he excuses himself (I have nothing to do ie) and at the same time sinks the Doctor (intentionally or unintentionally). Interference from very high levels overshadows Berisha's thesis that it is the lobbying of Soros and Rama. Of course, if through this Basha is not trying to say, in a coded way, that the decision was 'taken by the services.

All these ambiguities prove that Basha has not yet clarified his action or importance, but it seems that he is moving towards this. These may be the last struggles.

The best communication track can be borrowed from Berisha. Who says he takes over the battle himself and will legally pursue the issue with the Americans. Meanwhile, he carries out his internal action as if this has nothing to do with the Americans, but only with Basha and the process.

Maybe the time has come for Basha to come out of the 'American complex' and stress that this is a war between two models. Even though the car was set in motion by an American lever, the friction has been there, and it was precisely the heat of the collision of the two models that created this shift.

Berisha is not fighting as anti-American while he has taken the war with America to court ( the due process ) and is escalating the internal battle by building political theses which are essentially American.

Basha's latest thesis, that he does not convene the Democratic Convention because he does not want an anti-Americanism show, is an anti-Americanism in itself. As for the Americans, they may have a lot of pitfalls ala House of cards, but they develop the process down to the last letter.

Basha needs a little process in the middle of this tunnel full of traps.


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