The television atheist before a murder and the Christmas tree

The television atheist before a murder and the Christmas tree

by Alfred Lela


The atheist is a strange being. He sees God from the height of his gods, much more vague and unproven, than the One whose existence he opposes. Things so general, like humanism or equality, for example.

Albert Camus said: The leftist loves humanity, but hates man.

This is what happened in Tirana, yesterday and today. The god of the atheist left of Albania became two trees and the terms 'our taxes' or 'common property'.

From the blondes of the screen to the Marxist micro bourgeoise of the internet, they mourned the 'raped trees' by the insurgents for the murder of Klodian Rasha.

The same ones who posted their alleged-pain, and the Trumpist insensitivity of the American police, to the Black Lives Matter, were wretched about the tree. Which they call the 'New Year's Tree', because, being atheists, they do not recognize Christmas, except as a trigger for shopping and luxury Instagram photos.

Because God, through the blood of Klodian Rasha, suppressed all their empty excuses.

Their liberal power, which 'does not kill like those of Berisha', screams a thousand echoes! What their murders lack is manhood.

January 21, at least, was a showdown. With two clear and set pairs. Daylight. In the main square of Albania. Observed by cameras and internationals.

Their murders, only God knows, how and why they happen.

Dear clients of power, dear atheists, dear ridiculous ones: Hug the tree. Edi's tree, Lali's tree, New Year's tree, Chinese tree. Shed the crocodile's tears for heartless things, while despising the souls of those who come out of the body, and the bodies of those who become candles of remembrance.

When I see you walking on the Boulevard of Hypocrisy, a smile comes to my lips, as if I were standing by a Christmas tree.

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