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Even Basha as "Scanderbeg"?

Even Basha as "Scanderbeg"?

Alfred Lela

Until April 25 next year, it seems that the battle in communication will be exclusively between Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha. Always at a distance. The chairman of the Democratic Party repeats an invitation to the head of government and the latter repeatedly refuses. With the reasoning that Basha has nothing to lose. What he does not lose nor can he win, in a confrontation that will not happen, the leader of the Democrats tries to compensate with increased protagonism.

The Democratic Party's campaign for the upcoming election will focus on communicating its messages and profile. There will be no other protagonists, and as episodic characters, they will be used as a garnish of Basha's attitudes. This is the style and, presumably, the essence of the DP campaign.

On November 28, for example, the Democratic president appeared alone at the memorial service. No escort, no second, no other consumers of media focus on it. The projection of this exit was built to say: I am the father of the opposition, its Ismail Qemali.

Edi Rama, Basha's political rival, dipped his pen in the paints of communicative extravagances. He is Ismaili and Gjergji together. But here, in this clash, it seems that something will be 'broken' for the chairman of the Democratic Party. Is he in the game, in extravagance, in the spectacle, his opponent more talented? Could what Basha does not have in the profile of the protagonist be compensated with a strong team around him?

This has been the old debate among all those who are interested in the communication of the right in Albania. In the absence of Berisha, who was both the leader and the team, would not his successor, with those perceived shortcomings, have to establish Basha plus the Team?

Ivan Krastev says somewhere that the election has turned into a race between spectacle and routine. DP for which of these components is being prepared, can anyone tell me?

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