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Our fate. Non-presidential

Our fate. Non-presidential

Alfred Lela

It is not at all rare to meet today, in Tirana and Albania, people nostalgic for Nano times. Among the old, the young, the uneducated, or the graduted, you hear people say that Nano ate, but let others swell. While this (referring Rama) has introduced all in his hand, and four or five others.

This kind of liberalism was also attributed to Berisha's time, accompanied by other positive connotations, represented by the well-known song 'o Sali our father, come back we were joking!'. To this nostalgia, which is more of a faculty or an instrument of forgetfulness, we can introduce the first stage of the furious reactions against Fatos Nano's interview on Thursday night.

The second point of view may be related to the drive, or expectation, that public figures with some authority, take the same social and political position with us, have our approach to the facts, in short, think like us. When, for example, Fatos Nano met Berisha or flirted with Meta to introduce him to Edi Rama, the Berisha and Metists were excited, while the Socialists, now Ramists, were filled with anger and insults. Nano became one of the 'us' for the line of Berisha fans, and one of the 'those' for the anti-fans. This created the 'positive other' and the 'negative other' depending on tendencies, affections, interests, views, etc.

From people who expect others to be just 'echo rooms' of their thoughts, we should expect nothing; they are a scoundrel who deserves nothing more than disregard and contempt.

There are those who were outraged by the former prime minister's interview, from other angles; from those who expected from Nano, not words that agreed with their views, but the voice of a public authority. Such people, few in number, although they know that the greatest damage that politics has done to Albania is the dismantling and devaluation of authoritarian public voices, still hope, still, illusions that one can immediately appear, as a god in Greek mythology.

The expectation from Fatos Nano from such individuals was this. They were disappointed precisely because Nano restored the images and sentiments of old battles with Berisha and Meta but forgot even newer ones with Rama. He avoids equality, damaging even a faculty of his character and public discourse, indifference. The nano nonchalant was shaded by the calculating Fatos. After 10 years of absence, this fact hung over the horizon of Albania as the open roof of a house shaken by the earthquake of November 26, 2019.

Who were the losers after the appearance of Nano's head, where the old tricks and the new henna shone?

The public sphere and Nano himself. Self-offered, twice in the past, as a candidate for President, Fatos Nano appeared on Thursday evening less presidential than ever.

But he was not the only Fatos. It was also Nano that we created; our social and political predispositions and expectations.

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