This program, which is not a program…

This program, which is not a program…

Agron Gjekmarkaj

The great wonder is to see an old tyrant who does not realize that the patience of the people is the bowl where he eats himself. Just as annoying to hear long speeches as the groan of insomnia, familiar and perverted to the rhythm of whooping cough!

A good thing has not left the Albanians yet! It bears the name of that large part of society that does not lower its head or eyes to the ground, which despises fear, which does not want to hand over the country to a gang that has only propaganda and hand.

In the market of human vileness, in the furrows of banality, in the filthy pitfalls of vice, this order, this sect, which massacres elections and the popular will to add euros, villas, bank accounts, tenders, corruption, and rule, appears confident that, together on April 25 can also kill the memory or conscience of the citizens of this country.

In the nightmare, the vote thieves believed that the light of the historical dialectic would never fall on them, even though we saw their faces and scars of ugliness, we marked their names in Zadrima, Torovica, Shengjin, Shënkol, Lezha, Mirdita, Kurbin and everywhere in Albania.

From this rostrum I want to pay homage to you, to bow in honor in front of all those who were not sold or bought, who spat on drug threats and money, everywhere in the territory of the Republic, but especially to the inhabitants of Lezha, Mirdita of Kurbin, this resilient population resistant for centuries, for identity and authenticity, for deformation and democracy which did not surrender its victory.

Albania has in its eyes the portrait of the thief, who thinks that he became king, of the thugs who feel like princes, of criminals who appear as chimney sweeps, of puppets covered with signatures who today call themselves Prime Ministers, ministers, deputies, mayors, apprentices all colors, hostages of change, conservatives of their fear and wealth. Albania will react, it will resist, it will face - mark this! She rejects the death of the future and the black color of the horizon for her children.

The opposition of Albania, PD in the name of the eternal peace of the martyrs, in the name of the living of this land, considers this attitude a sacred duty, the avoidance of which deserves every curse of man and woman, son and daughter, who believes that the Albanian name gives him honor.

I read the brochure which insults every program, stealing the name of the concept, convinced that what I would find! And what did I find? - a pompous flurry of sentences the product of rubbery stomachs, dry minds, faces that do not blush or turn yellow, even though they handed us something called the government program, which I greet with verses of Lasgushi "A rabbit came out of the thorn, his uncle Zykua fell and left him dead"! This program, which is not a program, begins with the phrase "the government is not a craft, but a mandate delegated by the people" as if this maxim of the puppet leader Archimedes, which leads reality to Heavens and ends with the hurrah of war films of Kinostudios "Shqipëria e re", "ready for Albania".

Bombastic, pathetic, naive phrases, walk-in absolute freedom, like scurrilous soldiers coming out of the speakeasies of the suburbs, in all that surrogate text or manifesto of chronic liars - grainless grains.

Repetition of the program of 2009, 2013 with papal encyclicals of the pan of the wheel of 2017 as a misty mass of pancakes with water, shaken with arrogance and laziness by the Prime Minister, whose ignorance and pride stick together like a shadow.

The education program talks about new schools, although 1/3 of them are a risk to health, 50% of them do not have drinking water, in eight years no substantial investment for laboratories, but it does not tell us how many thousands of children have left Albania and who expelled them ?. We are proud that for pre-university education we will only provide free textbooks (an early initiative of the PD parliamentary group) and that we will develop vocational education. Where are the results of Pisa (whose report tells us that functional illiteracy in 9-year education is 53% and after the pandemic 60%), how much has Albania fallen, and why?

There is no data on the budget increase for the University system. Nothing about student strikes and the Higher Education Law, this monument of folly and politicization. Nothing, nothing about the technologization of education, nothing about the failure of education during the pandemic, a failure that still continues.

Digital books were never used, and students were not helped to learn online, without equipment, without the Internet, excluding propaganda media chronicles full of plays, tears, and wonders. Teachers were left at the mercy of fate to perform all tasks with students and without any financial support. Writing about the internationalization of our Universities does not tell us how much is the amount available if there is one, who will afford it?

So we have a big banner, empty inside, facade to hide the failure of the Higher Education law. How much money was given to support scientific research, for school libraries and universities, does anyone know to quench our curiosity?

The president of the Academy of Sciences, a senile Bolshevik extremist, is appointed by a constitutional coup at the head of the institution, eventually turning it into an ideological and mediocre akçihane where he is given funds, ostensibly for scientific and historical projects, to rehabilitate the crimes of communism. It employs SP pensioners like Caci, why not comrade Gramoz, maybe later others. The Academy's agreements with the University are all illegal. The agencies that should have legal autonomy are all dependent on the ministry, although they should be separated from it by meal. Following this description we can reach some conclusions:

1. The budget does not guarantee a functional and quality education system. The promise was 5% of GDP while the current one is 2.55%.

2. The government has neither the will nor the political vision for the status and development of human resources.

3. The physical infrastructure of many public educational facilities does not guarantee quality and is often harmful to health.

4. The education system is deeply discriminatory against poor pupils and students and risks creating "second-class citizens".

5. The quality of education is low and far from the demands of the time.

6. With the law of 2015, the Government abandoned higher education, especially public education.

7. Digitalization in education is behind the world, even the region! The pandemic exposed this reality and your promises! Where are the tablets?

8. The government took control of the Academy of Sciences, as well as ignored science and the academic community of about 7 thousand professors and researchers!

The partisan president Sandro Pertini had bequeathed to his citizens the saying "when a government does not do what the people want, it must be removed with spears and stones"! At best you will have the fate of Sultan Abdul Hamid who left in a chariot, dressed frugally like the pharaoh, if these spikes do not go anywhere, on its wheels.

* Speech in the Assembly of the Lezha MP

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