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Lindita Nikolla, as evidence of an opposition action in search of the compass

Lindita Nikolla, as evidence of an opposition action in search of the compass

Alfred Lela

Lindita Nikolla is one of the wise and good women of Albanian politics. She does not resolve the conflict, even when his beast follows him with the bridge of fire in his hand. The most striking illustration of this is a photo, almost lyrical, in the photomontage with the absurd epistemology of our politics. When the draft law on Higher Education was discussed in the Assembly, the 'desert' Lindites had to face, more than anything, the hobbies of Agamemnon, the god of war, Sali Berisha. He took it with retorts and interventions, soft and easy, as if it had come out of a prayer book of Francis of Asia, and was given there at the end. He surrendered by means of a gesture. He came down from the Government platform, raised high on the plate of the Assembly, and stumbled to the seat of the former opposition leader. He nodded and began to explain, as much as he could,

We do not know the dialogue between them, and it may not matter at all, but it's worth the gesture. There was both humanity (humanism) and respect. A female politician on one side was showing respect to the male politician on the other. Not every one of them, but the one who is considered by the left as the main enemy, Sali Berisha.

Of course, we are witnessing the biggest political rapprochements, but they have not had in mind humanity, but the electoral interest. They were not sudden and immediate approaches, but calculations with a knife in the mouth. If not to kill the opponent behind the back, the public interest, yes once.

Thus, Lindita Nikolla is one of those very rare and real cases of humanism and political respect for the opponent.

Knowing (but perhaps not realizing) this, the opposition's first greeting to her in the role of Speaker was inappropriate. Both the physical noise, clapping his hands on the tables, and the white noise of tearing up ballots were an exaggeration. This would not be the case in the case of a man, one of those hawks who stick to the breaking branch of the left, but for Mrs. Nikolla yes.

This misunderstanding was also read in her eyes. Double glazed and broken behind glasses. Double bewildered in the face of opposition women, who by day conspire against their gender and its unity, and on the night of the earliest occasion poke the tin tooth of the manhood of the subconscious, stuck so deep in the soul that if they did not pull it out it would pierce their spirit.

I understand, however, the 'rage' of the opposition. Pressured by the public perception 'they are in bed with Rama', the PD is caught behind the scenario of any theatricality to save the political skin.

Such must have been the anti-Lindita Nikolla staging of September 10th. What matters is that the Prime Minister gathered that yellow journalist of strong opposition against the woman he had appointed at the head of the Assembly, and put them in a bag. Prime Ministers, you know, should always carry a plastic bag in their pocket. He did not have with him that he knew anything (signaled ?!) about the behavior of the opposition that day. No, way, no! Because it would announce a ban on plastic bags in the country, it needed one so that people would know what it was all about.

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