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In the SP they are waiting for the list. Will it be with 'hur and rope intellectuals'?

In the SP they are waiting for the list. Will it be with 'hur and rope

By Alfred Lela

Ten days separate us from the legal deadline for submitting to the CEC the list of candidates for deputies of the Socialist Party. Edi Rama is not facing a dilemma, which is usually faced by the prime ministers of European countries, who need to reformat the list, but maybe also the cabinet, on the eve of the next elections, if they realize that they need a communication and face update.

This is due to the fact that everything, both Rama himself and those around him or the public outside the party, associate him exclusively with him. He is the government and the list together. So his is also the bet, the win or the loss.

There are some moments, however, where he needs the brakes.

First in choosing the right tones from a 'socialist' or 'renaissance' list. If you look at the leaders of the regions, you realize that outside Tirana there is a need or call for more 'socialism' at the grassroots. Exclude Kukës, where a leader has been elected neither renaissance nor socialist, but businessman, there are leaders everywhere with old political connections.

The capital is something else and for this three young people have been selected who, even if they are not reborn, are Rama-type socialists; so more than dogma they believe in ambition and victory. Veliaj, Spiropali and Bushati are not apolitical, but they respond to some extent to an acute depoliticization of Tirana, a taste that Rama himself had used for 3 terms.

But, more than the 'Renaissance workers' or the proponents of socialism, the SP's challenge in selecting candidates lies with those who are left out. 

If not proper names, typology. What is known as the 'local strongmen'.

Will the SP list be strewn with such elements that have secured electoral respect and power through a mix of incriminating financial force, physical and tribal ties?

Will the SP parliamentary group after April 25 have 'intellectuals of the rope and the rope'? 

Will the SP be the 'last refuge of the clowns', thrown in the Assembly by the defective parachute of the opposition boycott, the tails that come to politics as whims of the opponent's lists or accidents of renegade parties?

In an interview with the author of these lines, the Prime Minister had admitted that the alliance with such elements was chosen as part of the philosophy 'the least evil, against the greatest'.

Eight years of power are enough for Rama to defeat the 'great evil' and give his hands to the alliance with the 'small evil'. If not, then it has failed. If it failed, a third term would be the failure of those who give it.

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