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If Rama is serious about governing, how can Basha be ridiculous

If Rama is serious about governing, how can Basha be ridiculous

Alfred Lela

Blendi Kajsiu has analyzed, perhaps better than anyone else, the latest political developments related to the elections. In a series of articles, he has reproduced a scanner of the attitudes and claims of the parties about the post on April 25, focusing on the most recent, Rama's offer for Basha and some co-government.

Kajsiu says that Rama is interested in including the opposition people in the benefits of power, who if left 12 years away from the benefits can create instability. So, according to him, the third blow given by the Socialists to the Democrats should be amortized.

Apricot premise is one of those that can be considered as textbook politics, so something that looks good on paper and is tribal even as an act. But, this means that Rama can accomplish with one blow two things in seemed impossible. To soften the great opponent, the Democrats, by introducing them into the system and producing a socio-political peace. All at the expense of the smallest opponent, the SMI.

Both can not be achieved, the amortization of the PD and the non-aggravation of the SMI. If the goals of the co-government between Rama and Basha are reached, and if the president is dismissed, this automatically creates space for the radical opposition to be left empty by the introduction of the DP in power.

Meta's return to the party and his liberation from the presidential framework, add to this the rage from Basha's betrayal, creates the SMI a strong profile in a field vacated by the traditional democratic opposition.

Even if this were not the problem, one thing to be resolved remains Basha's place in the case of co-government. Putting in the role of a Rama subordinate would be devastating to the image. The presidency of the parliament, which he has been denouncing for weeks as that of Tomas and Qifa, would also be a strong morsel to swallow. Annexation to the Presidency would be an early political retirement.

The only manageable scenario is that of a prime minister from the left, who is not Rama. In the case where the socialist chief is the first to break the taboo of the third term, this is like asking the king for abdication.

Thus, to return to Kajsiu, Rama may have it seriously, but between him and the leader of the Democrats, no alternative keeps Basha on the verge of seriousness. Take here the case of a 2-year experiment, a pair of uncontested local elections, and then exit from the coalition, which allows the parties enough time to 'become hostile to each other again and to run as normal opponents the elections of 2025.

In this case, Rama's likelihood of a fourth term is the most serious thing that can be said.   

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