Oh, how good it would be to be Albanian ?! In fact, no!

Oh, how good it would be to be Albanian ?! In fact, no!

Alfred Lela

There is a difference between the two stands in our stadiums, Shkodra, Elbasan, or even the newest, the National Arena, the VIP one and the other opposite. In the VIP sector it is like watching a movie in the cinema: calm, any applause, so to speak, a loud comment, and so on. What is lacking in participation he gets in the 'fart': cigars, drinks, expensive phones, even more, expensive phone calls, and unusual unions, because he sees in the same place people on both sides of the law: those who have to protect him and those who violate it.

The non VIP stands are another thing. Albania's everyday happens there. From the poor who have barely made the money for a ticket, to the middle class who can not stand the rich VIPs, but could buy a ticket there.

In both stands, you have what you observe, but the 20s are much more fun. A teenager cursed Polish fans in Albanian, who could not even hear him and raised his hand in Nazi salute knowing something from the school about World War II and Hitler's occupation of Poland. He wore the Bayern Munich shirt, whose main player, Lewandowski, played on the field for Poland against his Albania.

Like other cases, this guy represented that in Albania you do not go to the stadium for the celebration of the game or your team, but the opponent. His lynching, more than joy for you seems to still dominate our fans. In a constant effort to identify, not through oneself, but the difference, even if invented with the other.

And, this is no surprise. It happens everywhere. Football is a majority sport that also projects its social and political attitudes. Of course, the flaws too.

As were the slogans against Serbia in the stadium yesterday, the support in the choir for the KLA, even at an inappropriate moment, such as the minute of silence for the late physiotherapist of the National Team, Ylli Mihali.

The already famous choir "oh how good it would be to be Albanian!" Ruled over all this. As for me, he says nothing to me. For the simple fact that we have no contribution to be Albanian. It is all a coincidence. Our heads have fallen here and we could have fallen everywhere. To be proud of something in which you have no role is naïve. In addition, not all of us are Albanians. When we say Albanians, we must take into account those characteristics of the race that we raise, both ourselves and others. For example hospitality, faith, generosity, bravery, wisdom, and so on. Whistling and shouting the national anthem of the opposing team, for example, can not be considered hospitality. Not to mention that it is a kind of infidelity to the one who came to your house.

A sign of lack of courage and prudence is also evidenced in not coping with the loss. As in victory, you need dignity in a loss. What happened in the stadium on Tuesday evening, with a barrage of bottles being thrown over the heads of Poles, is not bravery, but manliness.

Shows even a lack of wisdom. Because the Poles did not suffer anything, but the Albanians. Both in the image and financial cost. The federation will have to pay a fine, the stadium is likely to be punished. What is worse, the Albanian will continue to be seen as black sheep. As someone who does not respect the rules of fair play.

What is the value of the choir in such cases "oh how good it would be to be Albanian!"?

No matter what happens, we should not keep the punishment collectively in the form of image corruption, etc. The football federation must properly move and manage the national football facility. The police check for lighters before entering the stadium and selling water and other drinks with plastic bottles inside the stadium, when I know that the crowd of how-good-to-be-Albanians is still immature in the codes of conduct, is grotesque.

It is very easy for the federation to administer the images of the areas from where the bottles were thrown, to identify the perpetrators, and to ask the Police to prosecute them, and it is up to them to stop them from entering the stadium.

For some fans, organized in noisy associations or not, an occasion to go to the stadium may be an opportunity to discharge excess testosterone and the occasional frustrations, but such events have more to do with them than just that. They are everyone's property. If organized fans use 'oh how good it would be to be Albanian!' speaking on behalf of all Albanians, they do well to behave like good Albanians.

The symbols of the nation are not for personal (dis)use.  

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