Five 'support groups' in the Basha-Berisha clash

Five 'support groups' in the Basha-Berisha clash

Alfred Lela

Sali Berisha has his flaws which we have seen throughout the geography and political history of these 30 years. One thing must be said about him: he is the most powerful political man, even today, in Albania! Those who talk about his inclination and weakness would like to see these in him, but because they do not find them, they fantasize.

Imagine for a moment every other Albanian politician in the political conjuncture of Sali Berisha: Declared non grata by the most powerful state in the world, with the official party against, with a political opponent, the Socialist Party, which he has loved 'dead' for 30 years, and with a world whose agenda is non-conservative, clearly under the cancel culture syndrome.

Having said that, the spider webs that Berisha has built around himself during the transition should not be overlooked either; alliances, as in the world of business, media, justice, etc.

He has the 'world', as it were, against him, but he has the 'tribe' with him. Paradoxically, in a country like Albania, the tribe weighs more than the world. Understanding this is the political talent of Sali Berisha, whom Lulzim Basha could never 'steal', even though he grew up under his armpit; both when he had a boss and when he became chairman himself. From the notion of the tribe, there are also five support groups in the battle between Berisha and Basha.

The first group: Users of political battles for personal motives

This is also the largest group and lies on both sides, both in the camp of Berisha and Basha. This includes political actors, big or small, who hate one or the other DP chairman for what they call political career interruptions. These are even the most ardent among the public voices, debating against one or the other. Among them there are also confused, caught in the web of insecurity that stems from the signs they receive, both from Berisha and Basha, who are told that it was not one but the other who put the political trigger on them. This is related, of course, to the eight years of PD leadership by Basha, and to the presumption that Berisha played this role behind the scenes. This group also includes young political aspirants, who are mainly in Basha's office, part of the updated lists,

The second group: Political opportunists in the DP

These are a more silent than active group, waiting to reap their harvest from any fall of Berisha's storm. Silence is their 'little middle' policy, waiting to see where the battle comes from. These actors always enter the field at the very end, and at the beginning of the division of the depths of triumph they shout and demand more than everyone. They are not loyal to the causes, but opportunists of the moment.

Third group: Opportunists outside the DP

This includes mainly professional hairdressers who have been waiting for this day for 30 years. Find among them as exponents of the Socialist Party, as well as ideological left, journalists and analysts associated with the left, or who fell in the way in favor of Berisha or Basha, nostalgic for communism even today all the pathos anti-Berisha, who with apparently, it came from the fact that, since they could not leave communism, why should anyone else leave it. They rub their hands because the left, at last, take advantage of the disruption and chaos in the other camp. Especially for the fact that Berisha, with diabolism, has managed to generate power and be the center of power over the years as a divider of the left.

This group expects Berisha to be the sinker of the weight of the right, as well as its sinker. That would be the sweetest revenge for them.

Fourth group: Voyeurists

This includes beings who neither understand politics nor understand its productive and changing dynamics. For them, the clash in the DP belongs to the classic moment of pleasure that comes from being a spectator of spectacle and violence. In addition to eyewitnesses of the fight, they also benefit indirectly from it, because they are given the opportunity to turn themselves into gladiators in the cafes of neighborhoods of cities and villages of Albania, or in online social networks, where they make fun of each other and scold each other. chatter to all who do not see the event through their keyhole.

Group Five: Anti-Americans

This is the most dangerous group. They do not tolerate Berisha but, without knowing it, they adore him. Especially those who have a problem with Americans. Since they can not do this battle themselves, they hope and pray that Berisha wins. His triumph means the devaluation of the American non grata instrument and a mockery of the State Department. Not enjoying either the popular and contextual support of the Doctor, and not even having his composure regarding the non grata dossier, they quietly invest in Berisha's horse crossing, in any form, the most impossible of crossings, the Atlantic.

Here enters, here is another paradox, the nostalgics of Enver's time, those who are in anti-American and pro-Russian bones. Under the guise of being politically correct, they dare not poke anti-American sentiments but have their ears pierced for a second 'enver' that makes fun of them. Of course, Berisha is disappointed when on the one hand he takes Secretary Blinken to court, and on the other, he constantly posts photos with US Presidents and Secretaries of State. Here they reveal that he has no programmatic, but an ethical confrontation with Americans. But for them, it does not matter much. They hate Berisha, of course, but they have been used to hating America for a long time.

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