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People of parties' vs. 'people of freedom'

People of parties' vs. 'people of freedom'

Alfred Lela 

The 10th parliamentary election campaign was launched today, in a 30-year political history in democratic transition.

How many times has one started, regardless of the year, '92, '97 or 2017, we have heard the same refrain: these are the most important elections in history!

The same is said for April 25, when the two old enemies of transition, the Socialist Party and the Democratic Party, face the horns to put them at the head of the Albanian herd for the next four years.

From their vocabulary flows the honey of praise for the 'infallible people', brave and legendary Albanian, who will choose them and not the other one. The people themselves, in the meantime that the parties have ruled in turn, increasingly choose either to flee or to remain silent by not voting.

Because there are two peoples in Albania. The one who waits openly to give both the work and the bread in the form of a ball to one of the parties, and the one who asks the party-governments just not to fall on his neck.

The first belongs to the statist state where the government solves everything, and the second is the 'people of freedom'. The most negative thing that '2 plus 1' Albanian parties have done in these 30 years is the reduction of the 'people of freedom', and the sowing of the bad seed of their people. A breed that has hope in addiction.

So, only in this sense are these choices vital, historic, and unlike any other. They will show if the 'people of freedom' has grown at all and give a lesson to the 'people of the parties' and themselves 2 plus 1 of them.

The 'poor', who are waiting for a party job or a stealthy directorate, are still there, many. In front of them is the lost gray layer, to dream only that these 'miserable', after the elections, leave it to its own work.

Yes! these elections are historic! But, not that the 2 parties, plus the appeal, can change places, but because the 'people of freedom' can stand up and give them a lecture.


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