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'Rama 3 Government', cold as the alabaster of Elva Margariti

'Rama 3 Government', cold as the alabaster of Elva Margariti

Alfred Lela

Edi Rama has finally managed to compose a government cabinet without any surprises. The great axis of governance, the ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Interior, Infrastructure, Health, and Education, has been entrusted to the same ministers who have closed in the same tasks the second governing mandate.

He left Arben Ahmetaj as his deputy, leaving him to continue with the Reconstruction, removed Blendi Klosi from Tourism, and returned Mirela Kumbaro, once Minister of Culture. In Agriculture, he replaced Ilva Ikonomi with Frida Krifca. Bringing Finance Delina Ibrahimi instead of Anila Denaj. Ulsi Manjas has entrusted justice to removing Etilda Gjonaj from there. He did not move the woman with the beautiful name Elva Margariti, leaving her, cold as sculptural alabaster, at Culture.

The only experiment, the alchemy of which probably changes nothing, is the Amazonia of four portfolio-free ministries which it has entrusted to women. He removed the gray-haired Pandi Majko from the Diaspora, completely dissolving this Orwellian ministry, and extracted the Ministry of Youth and Children, a New Zealand finding, from a witch's arm, entrusting it to a 'political child', Bora Muzhaqi.

At the political level, he seems to have removed the burden, leaving the opponent with only two targets: Arben Ahmetaj, who has been in the mouth of the opposition from morning to night, and Ulsi Manjan, who appears as the evil spirit of the Dibra parables in file 184.

In the field of communication, he has flooded the cabinet with women, disliking, as always, to be patriarchal, but proving, intentionally or unintentionally, a patriarch. Who, especially in one season of life, in the fall, goes and magnifies the soft spot (weak point) for the opposite sex (who can no longer be called weaker than quarreling with women and big money after organizations that protect them with pathos).

The Prime Minister seems to have risked a bit with the fable. He had claimed that in the second term he was not allowed to rule by the earthquake and then the pandemic. By producing the subtext that, without these obstacles, great work will be done in the third. It has thus allowed the people who were stopped by the force majeure to prove themselves in the third term. But those who in the second, quoting Rama himself, did not excel. Because in between were the earthquake and Covid-19.

Now Rama has to do the calculations with freedom and normalcy. If the ministers hindered in their splendor by the abnormality of natural disasters do not sow anything even in normalcy, it is their fault, but especially that of their selectors.

In any case, Rama does not have a new proposal through the names, and this does not mean that it will be the same with their actions. Names, talents, and human resources, for which he has set up a brand new department in the SP, are not an easy thing. Perhaps this is why the Prime Minister was tormented, as he had to turn people in the party-government powerhouse today, here and there.

The proof, however, remains with his master. We are left with only the chronicle, as always.

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