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They say Yuri Kim is smart

They say Yuri Kim is smart

Alfred Lela

You do not need to be a conservative, right-wing, independent and a cynical observer of the political developments here, to understand that the Ambassador of the United States of America, sometimes goes and becomes the daughter of exaggeration.

I do not mean protagonism, because it is already a sin/virtue of our time, but its type and quality. Because, protagonism, or militancy in public space, is all-encompassing. It can appear as a concern for environmental pollution, curiosity about the history of Albania, in the form of a crusade for gender equality, or a campaign for the disappearance of Qyqes Horse from the mountains of the North.

The Ambassador has been an actress in such fields as well, but she has thrown the protagonist's mantle especially in events with political overtones. The show, perhaps the most brutal, on the public stage was May 17, the day when the government with special forces in front, as if in the Gaza Strip, demolished the National Theater, used disproportionate force, and raped several activists and journalists in the process.

The Ambassador's reaction was to 'plant' a bouquet on the Embassy's Facebook. A day later, in the same medium, a photo was posted and a thank you (as a casual) for Police activity. If you combine the two 'innocent' posts and contrast them with the Theater event, the description can only go through two paths: naivety or provocation.

Yuri Kim has used social networks with intensity, and not a few times to prove the rapprochement with exponents of the Rama government, with MPs, ministers, etc. In the climate of political polarization, such as the one in which Albania finds itself (the desert is almost always there, in fact), such excursions can not be decoded otherwise than as carelessness or exaggeration.

Both of these cases, although mixed with politics, have to do with the public and are more interested in different bands, than just two opposing parties. With this knowledge, I do not even want to be part of the argument here in the case of former Prime Minister Berisha. The interpretation, however logical and impartial of this case, would blow up the primary concern of these ranks. Which does not have to do with who Yuri Kim loves or favors as an individual, or even as an Ambassador, but how America reacts to its actions and inactions.

As part of this process, the Ambassador, or others, need to understand that America is not exclusively embedded in the emblems of institutions in Washington, be it the State Department or the White House. There have been cases, unfortunate when these emblems have failed America, but again the emblem of America, the one that shines even beyond its bureaucracies, and which is directly related to the American spirit, has been able to emerge from these stagnations of temporary.

America is not a technology of perfection, but it has a perfect ability and temperament of self-correction.

It is this temperament that makes us love America and its Republican emblem leading the ideas we have for our republic. We measure the ambassadors of Washington with this unit, and we do not see in their perfection, but how they translate America into a banana republic like ours.

We have grown up long in the ridiculous seasons and America turns to the former, precisely because we consider it serious. Whoever deprives us of this premise has to do, not with us, but with the concern that stems from the breakdown of the framework in which we maintain the American model of governance and citizenship.

Even yesterday, Ambassador Kim made the news. Media reports and interpretations say that she stood up and demonstratively left the donors' conference when former Socialist Minister Ilir Beqja spoke. It is not known exactly whether he did this because there was a shift in the conference agenda, or because he was surprised.

I am talking about the kind of surprise that she has entered into the public vocabulary when she addressed those who expressed disapproval for non grata against Berisha. "Do not pretend to be surprised by the accusations against Berisha, as if you did not know", said, more or less, the Ambassador.

We have the right to exercise the same lack of surprise in the case of Mr. Beqja. If Ms. Kim was also commanded by surprise at his election as foreign aid coordinator for Albania, then here we have an awakening.

The first in 2 years. The exclusive time when the Ambassador uses an act or symbol that goes against the government. Meeting for the first time with President Reagan's maxim 'government is the problem'. If in America, and if in Reagan times, it was so, imagine here, imagine these times.

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