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US court ruling and 11 facts on abortion

US court ruling and 11 facts on abortion

by Albert Bikaj

The political discourse in our countries is unfortunately very low, many important ethical topics are ignored and left out, not only without discussion, but without mentioning at all. One of them is the highly controversial topic on abortion. The decision of the US Supreme Court abrogated the "Roe vs Wade" law stating that abortion is not and has never been a constitutional right. This decision brought many reactions everywhere in the world, including our countries, albeit in very small numbers. But, since among them I saw many contradictory reactions, which seem to have become a trend, I thought to present some facts that you can rarely hear about abortion. 

Before enumerating the pros and cons, I would begin by arguing with a statement by US President Ronald Reagan: "I have noticed that all those who are in favor of abortion have long been born."

This statement, as humorous as it is, is also indicative of the irony and sad absurdity of this idea.

I. "Let women decide for themselves" is the most common argument we encounter. But is that true? The fetus is not a female body, it is actually a special body inside the female body; that fetus has special DNA, so it is a person; has its own fingerprints, in the fifth week there is a heartbeat, feels pain, etc. So it is not just an 'embryo' or a bunch of cells - the same can be said for an adult. It may be said that we are nothing but clusters of atoms, but this would be reductio ad absurdum. In the science books, that is, in biology, it is clearly stated that life begins at conception. 

II. "Critics of abortion often support the death penalty" - this is another argument that is often used ostensibly to show some of the hypocrisy of life supporters. Is it true, even if so, what is the difference between the death penalty and abortion? Unborn babies are innocent and vulnerable; killing an innocent person and on the other hand punishing a criminal who has committed serious crimes can never be the same - although as someone who is pro-life, I am not for the death penalty. As a Catholic I believe in repentance, mercy and that everyone deserves a second chance to change. To kill an innocent being, the more vulnerable it is, is ghastly, extremely immoral. To compare the innocent with the criminal is not only wrong, but absurd. 

III. It is often said that life is sacred - a concept which is in fact Christian, protected and empowered in Europe and elsewhere by the Catholic Church since the Middle Ages. This concept is still accepted today, to some extent, by the modern world, especially the secular philosophy of the humanist tradition - which also has Christian origins. We find a similar concept in the Islamic faith. So, if we accept that life is sacred, and that everyone should enjoy dignity regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or other category, then in this category are definitely the most vulnerable - babies in the womb - as human beings they have inalienable dignity like any other human being - this is the natural law. So every life must be protected from conception to death!

IV. Another argument is the following phrase: "Prohibiting abortion by law simply will not prohibit abortion, it will simply prohibit safe abortions!" 

The question is, is there such a thing? There is no 'safe abortion', just as there is no 'safe / dignified slavery', or 'safe killing'; in every abortion a baby is forcibly prevented from living, the abortion ends in double murder. Physical murder of infants, and spiritual / psychic murder of the mother. On the other hand, if the logic were used that legalizing abortion would increase the insecurity of performing abortions, we should keep in mind that murders also happen every day, although they are illegal, but this would not reduce them only if they became legal. In fact, there are many cases, which are not often talked about because it does not fit the narrative, where young women and girls die during abortion in professional clinics.

It is immoral to kill, especially the innocent. Even more immoral is to call evil something good just because it does not completely prevent it. The moral standard remains the same. Abortion and murder are a crime. 

V. "Truth is relative or subjective", "everyone has the right to decide individually for their ethics", "what is good for me is bad for you and vice versa", etc. - these are very common phrases. 

If ethics is subjective or relative, as is evident in pro-abortion arguments, then how can we say that illegalizing abortion is a good thing, a bad thing, or a bad thing? How do we know what is true or not? What is good or bad? By what standard can we measure if there are no standards at all? The great English theologian and philosopher CS Lewis said, the very fact that we can say that a line is crooked is because we mean a standard, since we know that there is a straight line. The idea that everything is relative is ironically absolute, consequently absurd! 

The reduction of the morality of the individual is called relativism, as well as utilitarianism; these are just two of the many schools of ethics; so they are not the only ones. And they are not even convincing. 

The idea that freedom means doing what you want is actually chaotic, not to mention teenage thinking. There can be no freedom without obligations and responsibilities, just as there can be no justice without moral order.

VI. Another common expression is: "but fetuses are just a bunch of cells!" How true is this? The very meaning of the Latin word "fetus" means 'unborn baby'. Let us take some concrete examples. In the hypothetical case, if a car or a person kills a pregnant woman, the killer or driver in any state is punished twice, it is punished as a serious crime. If the baby / fetus is just a bunch of cells, why? If a pregnancy fails spontaneously, the mother but also all who hear the news feel regret and pain. Why? Aren't we just a fetus - a 'bunch of cells'…? Man is made up of atoms as well, but no one with sound reason says that man is just a bunch of atoms and consequently his life has no value. As I said at the beginning, the fetus has a special DNA since conception, special fingerprints, heartbeat; is an evolving human being. It is as the baby develops in the child, from child to adult, to old age. These are normal life cycles. On the other hand, the personal desire to stop a pregnancy does not change the fact that the baby is a human being - this is a completely different problem. The facts do not change according to personal taste or circumstances. 

VII. Abortion, which today seems to be a progressive and liberal law, was in fact legalized in Europe first by the Nazis for eugenic-racist reasons, then by the communists. In the United States, the largest Planned Parenthood abortion clinic was opened by Margaret Higgins Sanger - a racist who sought to reduce the demographics of the African-American community through abortion. In western countries like Iceland, and other countries, babies with Down syndrome are massively aborted. In the Balkans, especially in Montenegro, babies are aborted mostly on the basis of gender - ie. aborted female fetuses! So, in addition to abortion for racist reasons, there are also abortions for health and gender reasons. No wonder pro-abortion arguments and their consequences are extremely dehumanizing and misogynistic! 

VIII. Consequences of legalizing abortion in the US

Since the approval of the law „Roe v. wade 'of '73, over 60 million abortions have been performed in the USA - a horrible figure! The term allowed for abortion had crossed the line, in some liberal US states it was being discussed to allow abortion in the last stages of pregnancy (an idea defended by Senator Nancy Pelosi), and even extreme cases where Democratic politicians in the US advocate abortion after birth. The legalization of abortion, on the other hand, as a result of the leftist cultural revolution, initially caused the loss of adult responsibility, which then led to a significant decline in marriages, an increase in divorces and an increase in the phenomenon of "hook-up culture". (having sex with strangers overnight). 

IX. "What will happen to cases of rape and incest?" - this is an honor the most common arguments, even often it seems as if they argue abortion only for these extreme cases. But statistics prove the opposite. Cases of incest and rape, commonly used as arguments, are extremely rare. So abortions performed in the US due to incest or rape are statistically no more than 0.5-1%. Most abortions are performed because of the clumsy, irresponsible-hedonistic life. Men "benefit" the most from this because they have no responsibility at all, and the serious consequences are left to women. As such, abortion is consequently misogynistic.

X. The argument of poverty and economic impossibility to raise children

Another well-known pro-abortion argument is parental poverty. So it is said that the baby can not grow up in good conditions, so it is better to have an abortion. According to this logic, unfortunately today, the best way to eradicate poverty is to kill the poor ...? There are numerous charities that provide material and psychological support to mothers and families in need, especially numerous religious organizations such as those of the Catholic Church. In Albania, for example, is the Center for Life "St. Joseph". Killing children for economic reasons is simply unacceptable and shameful! As St. Mother Teresa said, killing babies in the womb is the greatest poverty in the world! 

XI . Various corporations and private businesses in various western countries offer their female workers pay for abortion, but not financial support or paid maternity leave. On the contrary, many women are laid off because of pregnancy. There is very little talk about this, although it is not fair at all! 

In conclusion, every state should protect by law and support policies that financially assist new mothers, new parents, especially those parents who are in financial difficulty. Children are far more valuable than ideologies, hedonism, career or capital. Life is sacred and we must protect it at all costs! 

God bless the USA that protects life, that protects dignity, that protects the future!

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