Misplaced self-determination

Misplaced self-determination

Alfred Lela

There are many concerts in Albania, the taste of which pushes you to spoil them with tear gas and everything. Not only that but also foam parties that are organized on several beaches or coastal bars filled with peaches and mitomans. An unbridled joy, like a TAP pipeline, would bring me a large amount of gas, thrown on bars and restaurants on our beaches, from Dhërmiu to Velipoja to deafen with loud and tasteful music.  

These are desires that flood me from time to time, like a typhoon off the coast of Florida, but I never think of fulfilling them. Firstly because it is how we limit ourselves that makes us part of society and, secondly, that my freedom to imagine is not the same as other freedoms. They are divided by the right of everyone, but also the restriction.

After admitting this, the decision to attack with tear gas an annual concert in Korça, because it was attended by a 'Yugoslav' singer, and because the authorities had not heard the voice of a part of the public demanding cancellation, is a precedent themselves in the sense that some Albanians have about freedom and restrictions.

Tear gas can be seen in many ways. As a political act, as a sign of protest, like civil disobedience, like an art installation, and so on. Another way? An act of terror, a tool by many in the antechamber of the instruments and drives of violence that individuals or organizations choose to elevate their voice and views.

If the authorship of the gas is taken over by the Red and Black Fans, the political support seems to be given by exponents of Vetëvendosje. Courage is twofold: both in taking on a violent act and in the risk that this act carries to the public relations of both organizations.

Apart from them, some oppositionists seem to support Sunday's act in Korça. In their case, it seems that reconciliation becomes more as a sign of revolt for an inactive opposition in the field of public action after losing the election than as identification with violence. There are rumors reminiscent of the tear gas used by former Minister Lleshaj against the opposition in the protests, but even this is a shifted targeted reclaim. The concert is not a state act, although the callers are local authorities. To claim that there were only government supporters and no opposition in the crowd of Sunday celebrants is absurd. But, even if that were the case, attacks on peaceful rallies are rare and occur either by people with psycho-emotional problems or by terrorists with a religious-political agenda. There are cases of attacks in America,

All the analysis of the case can not find fault with the gathered, but with those who have had a problem with the gathering. Both Vetëvendosje and the Red and Black Fans, if they continue to support and are not separated from Sunday's act, need a memory refresh. It is unfortunate to target a singer like Bregovic, linking his art to pan-Serbism and genocide, etc., and to use against him and his followers one of the first tools that Serbs used against Kosovo Albanians, tear gas ( remember the demonstrations of '81).

If the Korça act was done to emphasize the rejection of the Other, in this case, Bregovic, Edi Rama, Serbs, local authorities, etc., the tool used turned into a boomerang. At least in the area of ​​public relations, this is a big draw.

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