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Ben regrets himself!

Ben regrets himself!

Luciano Bocci 

Arben Ahmetaj with his occasional appearances on the screens keeps a lot of breath in suspense.
Some are frightened and some are excited by his truths.
Most want him to become the classic "pentito" who finally destroys the ruling Mafia or rather the Narco State. A kind of Tommaso Buscetta who with the "revenge" dismantled the structure of his organization and sent a series of leaders of Cosa Nostra to prison, as well as revealed many criminal events and dark characters including the murder of Falcone and Borselilno.
A charismatic figure of the last decade, Ahmetaj was a "master" of finance and political protagonism.
A socialist "par excellence", he has indisputable merit in keeping power from the SP with all possible forms.
Because Ben was the center of many games. Everywhere, especially close to Rama, during these years he has been the holder of the political debates of the day and at the same time the trustee of Edi Rama's personal state treasury, but also the skillful negotiator of many connections and threads between power and the dark world.
Rama's former son knows so much about Rama that Rama feels "relieved" that he has revealed so little.
The 10 years of their relationship have been intense and subtle, until SPAK came between them.
And Rama, with his instinctive sense of smell, well understood that the victim who put a lid on the well of his corruption was his close collaborator.
Rama was sure that Ben would be willing to spend a few days in prison for his own party.
But this did not match the libertine nature of Ahmetaj, who did not hesitate to pull out the nails.
After smelling Rama's golden trap, Ahmetaj escaped.
This was the first moment of his repentance.
A champion defender of the Reform in justice, Beni had regretted the woven panegyric and faith in justice.
He no longer believed in what he had done or said, because more than anyone he knew Rama's extended hand to SPAK.
This kind of repentance of his has conveyed strong messages about this kind of justice. The escape seemed to reconcile the blood, but Rama advanced in the attack, touching Ahmetaj's weak point, the family.
Rama's action was typical mafia. Blackmail the family to keep the victim under control. To Buschetta, Toto Riina killed the two boys.
And of course this angered Ahmetjan, who made the second penance of his own accord: the interview with Çim Peka as a follow-up to that of Opinion, where he clearly, albeit with rounded language, put the blame for the incinerator affair on Veliaj and Rama.
Rama decoded Ahmetaj's signals badly and with a lot of panic and horror "thickened" his language, thought and action towards him.
After that came Ahmetaj's third repentance.
In a free conversation with RAI3 journalists, he gave shocking facts about Narkoshtet and Rama.
Rama rents the world of international crime with favors, coordinates gangs, uses them for votes, corrupts the international factor.
Rama's rage and mental instability reached its zenith and erupted in an endless stream of abuse and curses.
After that, everyone who knows their former relationship, is eagerly waiting to see what else Ahmetaj will come up with that could be deadly for Rama.
What does SPAK do in this whole story?
Do you consider and want Ahmetaj, although on the run, as a pentito?!
SPAK has not reacted in any case to Ahmetjat's statements and has not made any attempt to negotiate with him.
To put it bluntly, SPAK does not want Ahmetaj to testify, or repent, or be considered as such.
SPAK does not want to listen to anything Ahmetaj tells him, otherwise he would have acted accordingly. Such a thing endangers the "big boss" of SPAK.
Ahmetaj knows this and with his style he is bit by bit scratching SPAK and Rama.
His subtle mind is well aware of the anxiety he causes Rama and is playing with him like cat and mouse.
Although with SPAK on his side, Rama no longer has peace.
A penitent in control of SPAK for Rama would be less harmful.
A "repentant" free from SPAK, such as
Ahmetaj is a permanent danger.
Therefore he does not need SPAK.
Ben repents himself (when he will).
He has so many things to say that Rama just thinks about it and gets lost.
The curtains have just opened….

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