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Check-up of Vilma Nushi 27 million euros after no service, Plarent Ndreca ordered to protect the theft

Check-up of Vilma Nushi 27 million euros after no service, Plarent Ndreca

By Gjergj Kola

Anētarēt socialistē tē Parliamentary Investigative Commission for concessions nē Shēndētsi have filed a criminal report in the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance for the citizen Bexhet Zeqiri, with audit duty at the High State Control. The deputies accuse him of committing the criminal offense of "Refusal to testify". In these lawsuits, the name of MP Plarent Ndreca, who announced this lawsuit during the hearing of the testimony of the KLSH expert in the parliament, was signed first.

According to the lawsuit of the socialist deputies, the auditor Zeqiri of KLSH refused to testify by not answering the questions directed to him by the vice-chairman of the Parliamentary Investigative Committee Plarent Ndreca.

What actually happened? Those who have not seen the session where the representative of KLSH testified can ask him in the parliament to see the flagrant abuse of the parliament by Palrent Ndreca and at the same time the use of the parliament to protect the thieves of the state, the thieves of the taxes of the Albanians, democrats, or socialists. .

Immediately after the representative of KLSH, referring to the report of this institution, stated that "the Check UP concessionaire, for the first eight months of 2015 alone, invoiced 192 million lek or approximately 2 million euros, without performing any service, the deputy chairman of the commission parliamentary investigator Plarent Ndreca began to intimidate the representative of KLSH with the questions "What degree do you have" "Where did you study?" Do you have a license? What license do you have? Have you completed training ""Where did you complete the training?" Inside or outside your institution?

The KLSH report has revealed that the company that has the Check UP concession has stolen at least 27 million Euros from citizens' taxes. What importance do the questions of Plarent Ndrece have for the public regarding the education and training of the KLSH expert? I believe that this was embarrassing to hear even from the socialist Milva Ikonomi, who during the entire time of "taking questions" from the side of Ndrecė, the expert of KLSH, Ms. Ikonomi was playing with the phone and with her head down.

During one of the hearings, it was discovered that Plarend Ndreca was also in a conflict of interest with the KLSH expert who had been recruited to testify. The same auditor checked Plarent Ndrec when he was secretary general of the Ministry of Education. After this audit, the KLSH has denounced the secretary Ndreca, today a deputy, to the prosecutor for criminal prosecution.

Well, this is in itself a reason that prompts Ndrec to attack the witness, to try to insult him and even report him to the prosecutor for allegedly refusing to testify. The pride and hatred of Ndrcaj is anyway a small and not sufficient reason to protect the thieves of the state who in this case have robbed 27 million euros. The first reason is that Ndreca has received an order to protect only, to govern or in short to protect thieves.

It is a small trap for the exercise and this is done to avoid attention from one of the thefts of the century. Let Ndreca continue with trials against KLSH.

All of us, socialists and democrats, are we waiting for the parliament and the courts to explain to us where 27 million euros from our taxes went? It is naive to believe that the Government gave Vilma Nushi, if she still has this concession, 27 million Euros so that she could take it all for herself. It is the same question for the sterilization concession, the mega theft of incinerators, and dozens and dozens of flagrant cases by state thieves. Besides state thieves getting rich by stealing our taxes, what else does the government buy with our stolen taxes?

                                                                                                          George Kola

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