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"Justice should act according to the law and not according to the case"

"Justice should act according to the law and not according to the

By Lisandre Hoxha

The SPAK that we don't want is the one that deals with politics and tries to act to get public approval more than to implement laws, fight corruption, etc.

Personally, I have supported and continue to support an uncompromising fight against corruption with a justice system independent of politics.

Ours is a hybrid system, which has not yet been separated from politics and, worse still, does politics for 'PR' purposes, for some polls, which will be presented to the sponsors of the Law Reform as a model of success.

Because of this, voluminous files are waiting in the drawers of SPAK for the moment from the heads of PR to "hit corruption".

For example, the visit of the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, will be a good opportunity to put on a little show.

Someone should definitely be arrested to say that the new justice system is working.

Someone whose arrest has been delayed for months should be sacrificed.

Finally, the friend should be "rented" with an arrest to have one more argument for the success of the reform sponsored by our strategic ally.

Personally, I detest this behavior and the orientation of public opinion from the planned actions of justice.

For me, justice should be outside the political schemes of the day, public emotions and such agendas.

Corruption is fought with an uncompromising sword at the right time and without hidden plans.

Only standards, integrity, courage and nothing more are expected from the new justice system.

The work of the new justice system is vital to the Albanians in order to break away from the protracted transition.

Our partners have offered all kinds of help to make this happen.

It is vital that the bodies of justice be freed from Monocrat Rama and from those who make public policies for them.

Justice must act according to the law and not according to the case

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