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Kim Mehmeti: 'Renaissance' can give up Albanianness rather than Serbianism

Kim Mehmeti: 'Renaissance' can give up Albanianness rather than

by Kim Mehmeti

Yes, with the non-passage of the resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica yesterday in the Albanian parliament, Albania remains the only country in the Balkans that chose to be on the side of the killers.

And it will remain forever unclear why we Albanians deserved this shame that the deputies of the 'Renaissance' are so careful about the Serb killers, and heartless towards the Bosnian victims.

As it will also remain unclear what is it that made the Painter's regime more pro-Serb than the Serbs themselves, and what drives him to do his best to clear the crimes of Serb assassins, of those who threatened the world that of a murdered Serb, will kill a hundred Muslims?

It seems that in Tirana a political madness and perversion is alive that can not be explained by anything rational, except by the fact that the 'Renaissance' can first give up Albanianness, rather than Serbism which it has deep in its soul.

As there is no doubt that Serbs will increasingly feel Albania as their second home, where not only will they spend their holidays, but where they can be sheltered even if someone accuses them of crimes committed against Bosniaks and Albanians of Kosovo.

Well, today it was clearer than ever that the current regime in Tirana serves Serbian chauvinism more than the Serbs themselves, and that Albania is in the hands of those who are more careful about Belgrade than about Albanians.

And someone says that every nation has its own political idiots. Yes, every nation has its own sewage dumps and sewers, but it covers them from being seen and does not wash its political face with the dirt that flows through them.

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