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The five news brought by the Berisha-Basha clash

The five news brought by the Berisha-Basha clash


Lulzim Basha's decision to expel from the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party, the former chairman of this force, Sali Berisha, has reformatted the Albanian political scene. Not only the DP, but also the ruling party, or the third force in the country the Socialist Movement for Integration, entered a process of reconceptualizing their role and how they will play this new part. Or, how the piece will determine their political path in the present and the near future.

This (unexpected) turn of events has filled the political chronicle with some new elements, the presence of which follows:

The test of Basha's leadership: finally a war

In political terms, the 'assassination' that L. Basha committed on the evening of September 9 is the moment of conceiving the profile of the leader of the Democratic Party. Although Berisha mentions him as a 'broken leader' in some recent TV appearances, the very act of ousting the mayor is being repeated, both in leadership and in courage, by Lulzim Basha. Symbolically it can be said that such a major 'murder' was missing from the foundation of Basha's leadership. His political Rozafa had no sacrifice on the foundations. The purge of the party from Topalli, Bode, Patozi, Imami, Bregu and later Nishani, Kadilli, Ristani Bozdo, Harxhi, and others, was just a revenge show of the boss with his subordinates or collaborators. The expulsion of Berisha on the other hand was one of the nine Herculean tasks that a leader must perform to deserve the name.

Of course, Basha's movement, in terms of human ethics, statutory mechanisms, or respect for process and procedure, is much debated. In strategy, Basha's perfidy (infidelity) to the man who did it is a political act.

Even those who curse or criticize him, hate Basha precisely the fact that he was the one who dared what they often dreamed of, but did not dare to himself, the 'murder' of Berisha. Outwardly they curse him, but inwardly they have finally begun to take him seriously and fear 'Kill Bill 8'. What matters after this is how Basha manages his political sacrifice.

Berisha's return

Every action has a backlash, and this happened to Berisha after his political son threw him out of the party he had given him after raising him with his stern hands. Berisha did not wait long to declare his disapproval and appeared on television screens from the first minutes of the conflict. Berisha started talking about infidelity, about Rama-Basha dirty shopping. He later articulated the theses of the 'broken leader' or the 'ordinary' for his former select, Lulzim Basha. He also made public some long-standing dissatisfaction which, according to him, he had not previously expressed in order not to harm the chairman of the Democratic Party and, consequently, the Democratic Party.
Berisha also announced on Tuesday evening the decision to go on a tour of meetings with the democratic base.  

It is not yet clear whether he is at the beginning of the process of regaining the PD, trussing with another candidate of his or just playing 'wars' with Basha, to push him towards a position of guarantee in relation to himself.

Be that as it may, Basha's act has taken all the jinn out of the proverbial bottle of the tale.

New (brand) US-PD relations

Before long, the American Embassy in Tirana reacted on Facebook to Basha's decision, calling him 'brave'. What interested Basha and the Democrats was the emphasis on the fact that, after that, the US would have 'close relations with the Democratic Party and President Basha. For a party that had gone too close to designing as an unwanted organization by the State Department, a day before the 2019 local elections, such intimacy meant a lot. For a party whose chairman had not traveled to America for four years, and whose former chairman had been declared persona non grata, the Elbasan Street statement was a colossal relief. Especially comforting was that statement about a party that believes the seven tricks of Edi Rama in the 2017 elections, and especially of 2021, are protected and secured by the bravery of the American Embassy and the State Department. Democrats no longer felt like 'stepmothers' in their dealings with the people of the empire. For this, we had to thank Yuri Kim, but especially Lulzim Basha, who cut the Gordian knot.

(Re) positioning of the media

What the political parties in Albania think, there is no need for statements of party exponents. If they are missing, for one reason or another, you should turn to the media that represent the currents of political groups or their exponents. Thus, to know Rama's hand or his preferences in the Basha-Berisha game, it is enough to look at the newspapers and portals that support the Government. Clearly, they are aligned with Basha, deepening the anathema for Berisha. Deep personal animosities, the case of Tema, for example, can play a role here, but the agenda has the greatest weight. Namely, what interests Rama and the Government. It is well known that Berisha's fall is an old passion of the left. The doctor is in the throes of revenge on Rama and the socialists from the very beginning of the transition. The fact that he is being killed by his political son, and they are allowed to celebrate with indifference and without fatigue and noise adds another edge to the gas to the general socialist joy. Never forget that Berisha 'sank' under the weight of a communist phraseology 'we also eat grass and we do not bow to the enemy'. The left now dreams of a political grave for Berisha where history closes silently like a thread of grass.

SMI goes in the direction of (un) knowing

Berisha's non grata has thrown the dust of the big fall on the SMI 'political kiosk'. Turned into a 'they were four' partisan squadron, Meta's party, which first passed on a loyal henchman and then to his wife, drew its meanings from the Doctor's great 'gamma'. First of all, Mali me Gropa is not the worst place for political corpses. That is to say, a clash with the Americans can be conceived by Berisha's Gheg spiritual construct, but for anyone else, it would be an art of the impossible. With nothing to remember but political exile.

The SMI needs to find new paths to introduce its two-headed leadership, like the eagle with the hands that Ilir Meta makes when he plays the 'Albanian Bolivar' on the steps of the Presidency. Berisha's full exit from the war after the American non-repression has softened Meta and Kryemadhi. Both are already more 'presidential' than ever, meaning political figures who prefer to speak in their silence.

With a DP that no longer promises them loot in the electoral plan, Meta and Kryemadhi, with egos and demands put into the water can return to the big socialist family. Like all early, history at first unfolds like tragedy and repeats itself like a farce.

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