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Power or Power

Power or Power

By Luciano Boçi

Powers always tend to degrade. Especially when they last.

But none of them has reached the stage of such a degradation as that of Edi Rama.

Linguistically and fundamentally, this stage of power, thanks to the contribution of the prime minister, can also be called powerEdi.

PowerEdi is the stage of corruption and total criminalization of power.

In today's government, everything is pompousness, masquerade, hypocrisy, closeness, righteousness, and so on... similar to floundering in a polluted pond or a swamp filled with reptiles and strange creatures.

Rama's government is a perfidious combination of crime, corruption, politics, "no wind" money covered with brilliant propaganda.

In power, the status quo is preserved and the benefits are shared between criminal organizations and government bosses.

PushtEdi aims to eliminate any internal and external political and economic opponents.

PushEdi has only one final goal: the elimination of the opposition.

Life has no value in powerEd. There is a benefit value, before which any deviation towards humaneness and principle collapses.

Those who oppose are threatened with life from the depths of prisons, or with "modern" methods, why not direct ones.

In PushtEd freedom and democracy are abstract and metaphysical concepts and cannot have tangible existence.

They are killed and executed every time they try to appear.

PushtEdi controls everything: the parliament, the judiciary, the media and even the parking lot guards.

Parliament has become a theater, justice works with direction and publishes editorials like the left media, the media itself competes with cocaine and hashish in terms of mass effect.

In today's government, what pays the most is brainwashing by means of bought or blackmailed media, in other words, the killing of thought and revolt. What is bought the most is the vote.

As such, in the swamp of pushtEdit there are many "toads" who seek to produce the melody of terrorizing the opinion and who see themselves as the sirens in the famous "Odyssey".

PushtEdi operates as a competitive organization with its sisters the Ndranghete and Cosa Nostra. The scheme provided by the SPAK report on the structuring of criminal organizations in Albania is modeled semicolon according to the functioning of the government.

At the top is the buratini-capo who summarizes and commands the political-economic families that dominate the main sectors: banking, construction, energy, gambling (lottery & casino), tourism.

The families themselves have their political representatives in the highest ranks in ministerial and key positions. The families have "decinas", criminal groups that operate in different territories with their leaders and filled with "soldatti" (soldiers), "picciotti" and "operai", which in accordance with reality translate into blackmailers, patronages and murderers.

Add opinion "killers" who are paid as analysts and roam the studios with party reports in hand.

PushtEdi has an impressive structure thanks to its architect.

PushtEdi has its own special sectors. The sector of corruption and corruption, the sector of rackets, the sector of narcotics, the sector of money laundering, the sector of looting elections, the sector of properties, etc., which officially receive ministerial names such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of the Environment of Economy, etc., etc.

Then come those with D. Sector 3D for bis propaganda. Sector 4D for unlimited spying with and without technology, with SHIK and SHIK police.

Sector 5D+PPP. This is the one who steals people's budget money with kilos that the zeros are unlimited, which are used for hotels, luxury, lobbying and votes.

This PushtEd is the power-regime we touch every day.

A magnificent architecture of crime, corruption and staggering taxes, immorality and deviance. Built on the basis of fear, terror and mixed with extreme leftist ideology!

His weakness lies in his strongest point: fear.

The fear of punishment and the revolt it calls for, will crumble PushtEd of power, as the edifice of the embodiment of fear and personal paranoia of the leader of the organization, the Prime Minister.

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