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Regimes kill slowly…

Regimes kill slowly…

That's Luciano Boci

The death of Navalny, Putin's opponent, was not unexpected. Putin had been preparing his journey to eternity for a long time and was simply waiting calmly for the end of his stoic rival.

Meanwhile, the European leaders in an abstract gesture applauded the speech of Navalny's widow, thus washing their hands of the moral responsibility for the death of the fundamental opposition and the only thread of hope for a bit of democracy, in a country key to the fate of the world, with an autocratic culture.

With his striking paw on Navalny, he was finally declared the Tsar of Russia, thanks to the spectacular failure of the west and taught a fatal lesson to the bringers of democracy.

The Navalni case discredits western democratic solidarity in the eyes of the whole world and discourages the efforts of the opposition in countries with authoritarian problems.

The apathy of the Western elite and their democratic vanity is spectacular.

Aged in principles and standards, the West has slipped towards political corruption and extreme political authoritarianism in direct proportion to the loss of its influential power.

For the sake of the politics of the day, he continues to tolerate the revival of regimes that execute the opposition.

Now not by seemingly brutal means, but by essentially brutal means.

Indeed, regimes no longer use firing squads or hangings to eliminate political opponents.

Their methods are more refined, but consequently more cannibalistic than their predecessors.

These methods include a whole arsenal of actions starting with false accusations, imprisonment, election rigging, essential use of crime scapegoats, relentless media attacks, escalating knee-jerk stages etc… within a framework of democratic gold.

The history of Navalny and not only his clearly proves the execution brutality of the regimes today towards the opposition.

The brutality unfolds more bitterly when the regime cynically declares that he was imprisoned according to the democratic laws and supreme justice of the democratic state.

The slow death of oppositions is the way through which regimes assert themselves.

There is even slow death in death, but also slow death in life.

The first is similar and heroic however.

While the latter is still more dirty and vile and here the smiles and applause of the vanities of democracy are stronger and more visible.

This is happening in many countries with European aspirations, including Albania.

They are even accompanied by pompous summit visits and prepared media noises.

And the degree of disgust towards those who applaud just keeps on growing.

Navalny's case is not only an affirmation of the methods used by the regimes.

He is an alarm for democracies and oppositions.

This should encourage the strong reactions of the societies so that they do not die slowly together with their oppositions, to leave the country in the hands of the adventurers who today are liked as catwalk misses and brothel concubines, because of the corrupting charm they hold. forward.

The West must wake up and react. Toleration of the regimes is shriveling and slowly dying too.

The only salvation is the revival of democracy, of conservative family values, of the nation's faith.

Regimes must collapse and oppositions must be saved in the name of freedom but also as the essence of the dominant power of the West.

However, Albania is saved by Albanians.

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