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Note by Dom Gjergj Meta: Life, this drama that we have to play

Note by Dom Gjergj Meta: Life, this drama that we have to play

Dom Gjergj Meta *

We do not know how many lives we still have to live, how many days, weeks, months, or years. Each of us has a certain relationship with life, but the experience and time that passes tell me that the more years pass the more we become aware of life and its value. We see that it will have a limit, a target, and that target will knock on the door of our existence one day.

Knocks we feel every day. Sometimes they scare us and sometimes they make us think. A wrinkle, white hair, fatigue, or an illness, are sometimes light and sometimes loud from those that disturb sleep. We gradually realize that they are the antechambers of the final meeting.

Then life begins and flows with all its force turning into a battle with the twilight just like Jacob in his struggle with God.

Paradoxically the encounter with death turns into a battle for life. That was the case for me when my grandmother died 33 years ago and I had just started my adolescence. For the first time, something died there from me, so the limit started its journey with me. All deaths around, near or far from me are a constant call to life responsibility.

When I read the statement of Jesus in the Gospel of John that says of himself, "I am the way, the truth, and the life," I often think that there are three essential needs of every human being: the meaning of existence that has as its metaphor the direction of travel; truth as an uncompromising human aspiration; a life which is played in the time and space coordinates of our existence that for our end with our last breath.

Whether one is a believer or an atheist, meeting the pulse and pace of life will always raise dramatic questions that require personal answers, not pre-prepared, read in a book, or learned from others. In the face of the essence of life, we ​​are naked, in the face of the drama of our personal life we ​​are the only actors and we will be asked to play our part that no one else can.

When questions, even the saddest ones, knock, or when the knocking of our limits becomes frequent and sometimes noisy, the door should not be closed. They must be accepted, they must be dialogue with. They have a message that comes from afar and that must be heard ...

* from the author's Facebook

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