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Trump / Berisha: The presumption of innocence works in the USA, but not in Albania

Trump / Berisha: The presumption of innocence works in the USA, but not in

From Genc Burimi

Question for Spak: since the new justice was created by the Americans, should SPAK be inspired by the way American justice itself works? Comparison of the two systems: in Albania Spak prevents or has prevented politicians who have not been convicted by justice (Berisha today or Beler yesterday) from fulfilling their missions in politics.

In the USA, in the case of Trump, justice, not only during the investigation phase but also now that it has declared Trump guilty, has not and does not prevent him from fulfilling his mission as a Republican candidate for president. It turns out that Spak or the Prime Minister of Albania, who claim to be inspired by the American experience, ultimately select only what interests them from the American model.

Rama liked very much the American non grata to eliminate Berisha from the democratic game, but he probably likes less how the American justice leaves Berisha in America's pasture and to serve his constituents until the end. Spak also likes that the politicians of the opposition in Albania should be nailed inside the four walls to prevent them from (re)taking mandates, he closes his eyes and ears to the model of justice in the United States where the incriminated politician is set free just like everywhere in the civilized world until the pronouncement of a final judicial decision. What a paradox this selectivity in receiving experience from America...
Questions now for Basha as well as for all those politicians from Berisha's party who betrayed Berisha: since all of them also claim that they are inspired by America and that they want to make Albanian democracy as the American one, why are they not inspired by their colleagues in the American Republican party?

The latter, including the most bitter rivals to Trump such as Niki Haley or Ron Desantis, not only did not stand up like Basha against Berisha to express their disgust towards a Trump condemned by American democratic justice, but today, precisely today when Ttrump has been declared a criminal by the first degree of justice, the united Republican party expresses its strongest support to Donald Trump.

In Albania, Lulzim Basha did not even wait for Berisha's trial or punishment to distance himself, but stuck the knife in his back only with an alibi non grata that is clear today that it had and does not have any legal value. So a legal punishment of Trump in the United States, which is ignored by the big American Republican party, while in Albania a determination of Berisha by an executive body as non grata and not at all a judicial punishment, was enough to make Basha show himself even more democratic that the American Republicans... Again, what a paradox!
Conclusion: America is a State of Law, Albania is not! In America, the principle of presumption of innocence is respected, but not in Albania!

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