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13 secrets you didn't know about June 13

13 secrets you didn't know about June 13

Thousands of citizens woke up today in the Church of Shna Ndou, in Laç. After waiting for hours for the dawn of June 13, after completing the 13 Holy Tuesdays, which culminate at midnight on June 12 and 13, all visitors to this holy place expect better days in their lives.


June 13 also hides some stories and mysteries that are told about the holy place and the church of Shna Ndou. Starting from the pilgrimage to the wonders of the wonderland, June 13 has some secrets that you should know.

1. A pilgrimage that is practiced on a day like this is done in the name of sacrifice, a sign of prayer or thanksgiving sent to the saint, who also works miracles.


2. The miracles of this holy place are proven with concrete examples. Those born blind, having gone to this holy place, have begun to see and the paralyzed have risen to their feet

3. Prayers at this holy place are said to be heard by Shna Ndou, who performs the most unimaginable miracles.


4. The miracles of Shna Ndout among the wider Albanians are endless.


5. The pilgrimage is performed every year for 13 consecutive Tuesdays (but also other days) until June 13.


6. Visitors to Shna Ndout have two important points of reference: the church and the cave of Saint Vlashi

7. Saint Vlas was a bishop and lived in the ancient town of Sebastes, but the pagans followed him to this cave, where he took refuge, until the infidels found him and drowned him.


8. The elderly show that they followed the 13th Tuesday ritual even during the regime, even when belief in God was forbidden.


9. Saint Anthony died at the age of 36 after a saintly life. For the many miracles known to him, he was canonized a year after his death by Pope Gregory IX. In 1946, Pope Pius XII listed Saint Anthony among the Doctors of the Catholic Church and gave him the title Evangelical Doctor, in connection with his writings and sermons based on Gospel quotations.


10. In 1981, a group of soldiers from the Drojë platoon received orders to go to the hill of Shna Ndout, in Laç, to break down the remaining part of the siege. To create the impression that the government was also afraid of the ruins. The building was demolished in the infamous year 1967, when the communist regime came out openly in Mejdan Square against the Church. And, of course, also against Shna Ndou. Silent duel of the gun with the bridge! But in vain he tried to cut the path of the believers. A mysterious spirit attracted them enough to withstand the dictatorship, which began to seriously worry about this phenomenon. From here, the soldiers of the area received the order to blow up the walls and, with them, erase forever the memory of the church of Shna Ndou.


11. Many eyewitnesses say that incredible miracles have taken place here. M. Lleshi says: "I saw with my own eyes how they brought a girl without a mouth and who could not walk on her own legs. He slept one night here, the next day his mouth and feet came."


12. Father Mikel Pëllumbi, who also holds mass in Saint Anthony's Church, said that everyone is welcome in this place, regardless of which religious faith they belong to.


13. The foreign press was encouraged by a "Reuters" news that commented on the "wonderful" place where the Shna Ndou church is located in Laç. In a recent chronicle, Reuters writes that what believers seek from this is physical and spiritual salvation

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