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5 ways to stop thinking about work during the holidays

5 ways to stop thinking about work during the holidays

The holidays - for some have begun and for others have ended. Their aim is to relax and return to work more energetic.

But the phone can ruin everything. This is not a good thing, as being constantly connected to this daily tool does not help you enjoy the holidays.

And if it is true that some requests cannot be ignored, it is equally true that with the right organization, you can find a good balance.

Complete the tasks ahead

Organization at work remains a key word, because everything depends on the company, including work-life balance. Especially before you go on vacation, so you don't risk taking what you haven't finished with you.

It is advisable to close all pending work - emails, phone calls, agenda planning. That way, while you're on vacation, you'll avoid even thinking about the office (at least that's the goal).

Define well "out of office" (I'm on vacation)

InfoJobs recruitment experts say that it is “important to write 'out of office', to give clear information to those who will be looking for you.

Depending on the contacts, choose the language in which you will write it and don't forget to say when you will return from vacation and who they should contact in case of an emergency (of course also notify the person who will replace you).

Beware of "always on" (always online)

"Always on" is exactly what you should do when you are at work and what you should not do when you are not at work.

InfoJobs experts advise: "You can check your email and phone, be ready for emergencies, but don't forget to do so while respecting your vacations and those of others.

Summer vacations are well-deserved and necessary to regain energy and work even better when you return to the office."

Set a time to respond to emails

20 minutes, maximum 30 minutes – is the time needed, to avoid being "always online", but to answer important emails and messages or make phone calls.

The ideal is to dedicate a moment during the day, for example in the morning or after lunch, so that you don't think about work anymore (or maybe you forget your phone).

Stay away from routine

If you go on vacation, you will come back more energetic, even at work, so making the most of it affects your productivity.

How to act? Relaxing of course. Science has also proven that it is important to avoid repeating the habits of daily life and engage in new activities: try new experiences and visit places you have not seen, which promote creativity and relaxation./Monitor

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