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Will Granit Xhaka be punished for "Jashar"? The Swiss newspaper publishes FIFA's decision

Will Granit Xhaka be punished for "Jashar"? The Swiss newspaper

The Serbia-Switzerland match has always had maximum attention not only for the spectacle and emotions but also for the clashes. The Serbian media have actually reported these days that Xhaka's clash with the players of their nation, his actions and the jersey with the signature "Jashari", were all provocations by the player originating from Kosovo and thus they demanded to be punished For this thing.

But, according to the Swiss newspaper "Blick", FIFA will punish the Football Federation of Serbia. As FIFA announced, it will start proceedings against the Serbian Football Federation. This is because there may have been "possible violations" of three articles of the FIFA disciplinary code during the World Cup match between Serbia and Switzerland.

These are Articles 12, 13 and 16. Article 12 deals with misconduct by players and officials, Article 13 with discrimination and Article 16 with match safety. According to all the information of "Blick", there will be no punishment against Switzerland or their captain Granit Xhaka.

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