"She showed courage and never complained," said Hueyda El Saied.

"She showed courage and never complained," said Hueyda El Saied.

Hueyda El Saied's husband has reacted after the separation from life of his heart partner after a long suffering from cancer.

Thierry has made a long reaction on Hueyda's profile where he expresses all the appreciation for him and the love he has for her and reminds her of the promise to her son, Gabriel, whom he has adopted.

"The pain is still immeasurable and the sadness so deep, but Gabriel and I want to thank you for all the sympathy shown and the waves of love for Hueyda, the all-encompassing love starting from her Tirana and in all parts of other world. Thank you! Hueyda left like a twinkling star with her head held high after a fierce fight! She showed absolute courage and strength without failing and without ever complaining! Hueyda snatched the admiration of all of us, but above all that of the two biggest fans in this fight: Gabriel and mine, her two loves. But, Hueyda, my great love was more than that and we can be proud of her life, her creations, her values ​​and her commitments. Hueyda was and will always be the artist who has touched us all at one time or another. Because to meet Hueyda you first had to be familiar with the sweetness of a wonderful, sensitive woman and with an amazing charm. For me and Gabriel, Hueyda passed on this legacy of love, empathy and kindness to us. Therefore it is all this work that we will continue, staying united, strong and dignified, as she would have liked. Our beautiful family is already deprived of the most beautiful part. Her smile, her kindness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Hueyda for the great love and for making me a better person and above all a thousand times thank you for the most precious gift, Gabriel, my son, whom I will enjoy and love with all my heart, strength and soul . Hueyda, my love, you will be sad to lose us, but Gabriel and I will never stop loving and you will always be in our heart. We love you my love !!! And wish you the most beautiful journey in the starry sky, "-he writes.

Hueyda El Saied passed away at the age of 46 on November 23, as a result of advanced stage breast cancer.

She struggled with the disease for 1 year. For years she lived in Luxembourg with her husband Thierry and son Gabriel, who in July 2021 was adopted by him.

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