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Arjan Konomi tells the details of the terrible accident he suffered in Jordan: Without intervention, I might not have lived

Arjan Konomi tells the details of the terrible accident he suffered in Jordan:

A few days ago, Arjan Konomi, through a message on his social accounts, gave the news that after an accident suffered during his last trip to Jordan, he risked losing his arm forever. However, thanks to the quick intervention, it seems that the situation was more hopeful.

Finally, he tells in detail what happened to him after he fell from the horse, which almost seriously endangered his life. In a recent video on TikTok, Konomi gives more details about what happened to her in Jordan and the vicissitudes that her loved one faced before and after the operation.

"Falling from a horse is said to be very dangerous. I fell on the rock with my elbow. It was really horrible because after the fall the elbow bone tore through the flesh of the body, it came out and I had the bone out, the blood washed over my clothes, it became a pool and it didn't stop. I grabbed the arm bone with my hand to push it into place. That guide's son and another helped me there. A terrible situation. Pulling them tight, I was able to get the bone inside the meat and get it stuck. The doctor told me after the operation that if I hadn't done this, I probably wouldn't have lived anymore because even in the worst case I would have survived the hemorrhage, in the form that the bones had come out, even the few veins that hadn't been torn, they would have been twisted in such a way that they no longer flowed blood. Then they took me to the health center and all the way I was fainting, I remembered the movies we just watched. There, they once again pulled the forearm hard, but the problem was that the veins had ruptured and I no longer had a pulse. Then I was taken to the capital hospital in Amman, the best private hospital there. They did a graph and said that you have most likely lost your arm, but we will see during the operation..."

In another message, Arjani thanks all the virtual friends who have sent him endless messages and especially, his friend from London who covered the hospital expenses in Amman. As Konomi said, the hospital would not undertake the operation without making the payment.

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