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Franceska "reveals" the other two finalists of "BBV"

Franceska "reveals" the other two finalists of "BBV"

Today Franceska said that Egla and Meritoni deserve the final very much and she does not question this.

While if there was another place for the final, Murati said that between her and Heidi, the latter could have more fans, maybe even from "Grande Fratello".

"I do not discuss that you will be in the final, nor do I discuss that it will be Meriton, because you both deserve it extremely. You deserve it and I don't even question it. Then if it's a last place and it's between me and Heidi… I know she has a big audience, maybe from Grande Fratello. Love has given him far more attention than I could have had. So I am at peace with this fact," said Franceska.

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