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Luiz's brother-in-law speaks for the first time about the "GoFoundMe" opened in his name and clarifies the questions raised on the network

Luiz's brother-in-law speaks for the first time about the

Luiz's brother-in-law, Sokoli, has spoken for the first time about the GoFoundMe they opened in his name.

In an interview for "WakeUp" he said that they decided to open such an account because it was the wish of the fans to donate, but not that Luizi needs financial help or health problems.

"I see it as necessary and necessary to clarify it. First, it was requested by fans in the USA and outside Albania a long time ago. It was not categorically requested by the family either for economic reasons or for any other reason. It is simply a request of to his fans. Some media outlets are abusing this desire of his fans to contribute of their own free will. GoFoundMe is neither for health reasons nor for misfortune, it is simply one of the most transparent accounts in America, named, last name and fully controlled. Seeing the big requests we thought $250k is right. As long as GoFoundMe to open it has numbers we set this figure." he said.

Asked about the theories that this action is ruining Luiz's image and what will be done with this money, he said:

"This money is managed by my sister, it was not opened by me. It was opened by his mother and sister. And it is controlled until he leaves. After Luiz leaves BBVA, it is his will what he will do with it. Many people are being abused in the name of Luiz, many foundations and similar things have been opened, the only one opened by us is on Luiz's Instagram."

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