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Megi Pojani tells the reason for Besi's breakup with Jensila

Megi Pojani tells the reason for Besi's breakup with Jensila

The sudden separation of Bes Kallaku and Xhensila Myrtezaj continues to be full of mysteries. Megi Pojani, in the "Me Kast" podcast, with her sisters, Ina and Marsela, among others, discussed exactly one of the most talked about relationships, that of Bes Kallak and Xhensila Myrtezaj.

The moderator reveals that it is suspected that the cause of their separation is Bes's addiction to alcohol and, as a result, his absence in the family. Maggie says the pair have broken up and gotten back together several times, unable to resolve their issues.

 "I heard that Xhensila has had a desire to separate for a long time, they even broke up. I know that the main reason was Bess' addiction to alcohol, which made it impossible to continue the relationship. He started a problem with addiction, he continued with the hope that this will stop and he would be rehabilitated and would be in the presence of his family. He was not present in the daily life of his family", says Pojani.

Commenting on Bes Kallak's song "Mosmirënjohja", which was rumored to be a message to Xhensila, Maggie called it a low blow from the actor, as according to her it was done with the intention of Xhensila being attacked.

"It's more of a poem, it seemed to me a very low blow and a low attempt to put his ex-wife in a lie. Without knowing if it is true, he was aware that it would go viral on TikTok and people would create a public hysteria that Xhensila would have to blame. She will be targeted as a bad woman who left Besi with two children because she was ungrateful", she said.

While Marsela showed that she and Jensila exercise in the same gym, congratulating her for the discipline she maintains, even though she has two small children.

"I have Jensila in the gym, she trains and is systematic. She comes with her daughter, sometimes she even comes with a stroller, the child comes around and she finishes the training to the end. There is a discipline that I like. I didn't know him before, but I have another sympathy because I really liked him and he looks very good", said Marsela.

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