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FFK reacts to UEFA on the calls of Serbian fans to EURO 2024

FFK reacts to UEFA on the calls of Serbian fans to EURO 2024

The Football Federation of Kosovo (FFK) announced on Monday that it has officially reacted to the European Football Federation (UEFA) for what it said was the display of flags, slogans and chants by Serbian fans with "political, chauvinistic and racist messages against Kosovo." ", during the Serbia-England match, within the framework of the European Football Championship, EURO 2024.

"The unhindered display of such messages and appeals in a grand event like EURO 2024 is senseless and absurd. Through such calls, the hatred sown in the public opinion in Serbia against its neighbors is proven," the communique said.

FFK has requested that strict disciplinary measures be taken against the Football Federation of Serbia.

"Calls against the state of Kosovo in a major event like Euro 2024 are a motivation for nationalist groups and threaten the security, even so fragile, of the region", it was said, among other things, in the statement.

Local media in Kosovo have reported that during the Serbia-England match, chants such as "Kosovo is Serbia" were heard and that the Albanian flag was burned before the match.

This is the 17th edition of the European Championship, better known as EURO, and Albania is also participating in it - for the second time in its history, after its debut in 2016.

The matches will take place in 10 stadiums in 10 different cities in Germany from June 14 to July 14.

Serbia does not recognize Kosovo's independence and is constantly engaged in lobbying campaigns against Kosovo.

The two countries have been in dialogue in Brussels, for the normalization of relations, since 2011.

The parties have signed many agreements, but not all of them have been implemented./ REL

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