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"There are no sanctions against Russia", Vucic claims that Serbia's demands were accepted at the summit

"There are no sanctions against Russia", Vucic claims that

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has claimed that during the Ukraine-Southeast Europe Summit it was agreed to accept Belgrade's proposals, to remove sanctions against Russia and the term "malign influence of Russia" from the declaration.

For the Serbian media, Vučić has stated that he requested a declaration without sanctions, as he adds that it is not easy for Ukraine and that he understands the position in which that country is.

"We had a meeting where we all talked. Of course, this is never easy for us. We have been notified that it has been accepted. It's a statement with a million usual things about the Russian attack on Ukraine - but no sanctions, no mention, which is important to us, no mention of Russian malign influence. I also asked for military neutrality. I said that we are the only country that does not seek and does not want to join NATO. Everyone looks at me strangely. But well, our people know why, we must adhere to our parliamentary statements and the positions of our Council on national security" , stated Vučič.

It is not known what the final statement of the Summit contains, in which Vucic claims that some of his proposals have been implemented.

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