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Protest against the initiative in Montenegro, Abazovic: 'Open Balkan' does not hinder the Berlin Process

Protest against the initiative in Montenegro, Abazovic: 'Open Balkan'

The citizens of Montenegro rose in protest two days ago to demand the holding of new elections and at the same time to oppose the "Open Balkans" initiative.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dritan Abazovic, who is in Bucharest, where he is participating in the two-day meeting of foreign ministers of the NATO bloc, has commented on the recent events in the country for the Montenegrin media.

As one of the open supporters of the Open Balkans and the Berlin Process initiatives, Abazovic says that these two initiatives do not hinder each other, but act as "healthy competition".

He added that the Open Balkans gave impetus to the Berlin Process and does not represent hostility.

"I personally support all forms of regional cooperation, everything that contributes to greater cooperation, that we are together and not at enmity, be it the Berlin process or the Open Balkans. When it comes to the Berlin process, the situation is slightly reversed. The Open Balkans gave momentum to the Berlin process - it's about healthy competition," Abazovic said.

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