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Re-voting in 7 polling stations in RMV! How much influence can there be in overturning the results of the May 8 parliamentary elections?

Re-voting in 7 polling stations in RMV! How much influence can there be in

Voting is being repeated in North Macedonia in seven polling centers of electoral districts number five and six, in the west and south-west of the country.

By repeating the process in these centers, the "European Front" coalition, led by the Democratic Union for Integration, may lose one to two deputies won in the May 8 elections, and according to experts, they are expected to pass to the "Vlen" and VMRO coalition. or the Social Democratic League.

Over 4,500 registered voters for Wednesday's re-voting in seven centers of electoral zones 5 and 6 could affect the reversal of the results of the May 8 parliamentary elections.

The fifth electoral district includes Pollogun and other regions in the west of North Macedonia. Meanwhile, the sixth area: Ohrid, Struga, Krushevo with Dollnen and some other settlements.

After the complaints of the coalition of Albanian parties "Vlen" about irregularities in the voting process on May 8, the State Election Commission, namely the Administrative Court, decided the re-voting in the village of Llërcë of the Municipality of Zhelina, near Tetova and based on the complaints of VMRO, The Social Democratic League and the "Left" nationalist party decided to repeat the voting in two polling centers in Krushevo, one in Ohrid, one in Struga and two in Dollnen of the fifth electoral district.

Experts say that the "European Front" coalition led by DUI may lose two deputies from the re-voting; one in the fifth zone that can go to the "Vlen" coalition and another deputy in the sixth zone, where VMRO-DPMNE or SDSM can benefit.

If this happens, the "European Front" coalition will not be ranked second, while VMRO, if it wins the legislator in the fifth zone, would secure 59 of the 120 seats in the parliament. In the event that the "Vlen" coalition also gets a deputy mandate after today's re-voting, it would reach the number of 14 seats in the parliament, thereby strengthening the expected government coalition with VMRO.

The interest in voting in the village of Llërcë near Tetova was higher than in other voting centers and in general in all polling stations a higher representation of about 4 percent was observed compared to the May 8 elections.

The DUI and the "European Front" have described the decision on the re-voting as "a joint scenario of all parties and the State Election Commission to divert the will of the people and violate the legitimacy of the voting process on May 8".

Meanwhile, "Vlen" and VMRO accuse DUI of buying votes, of pressure and blackmailing voters in the elections in the first two weeks.

VMRO and "Vlen" can reach an agreement by the end of the week on the division of ministries and other government posts and on the program of the government cabinet headed by Hristijan Mickovski.

However, since the talks began, these parties have not explained their position on the issue of constitutional changes to introduce the Bulgarian minority, which is a condition for the country's advancement towards the European Union. Mr. Mickovski has repeated the expression that his government will not act according to the Bulgarian diktat.

On the other hand, non-compliance with international agreements with Greece and Bulgaria may further drag out the process of integration of North Macedonia towards the EU./voa

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