FM Dacic: Campaign of Withdrawing Kosovo Recognition “Not Directed Against Pristina”

The Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic stated on Monday that Serbia was, by its campaign of withdrawing recognition, not working against Kosovo, but rather that it wished to “force Pristina into some kind of compromise”.

“They do not want a compromise, they say that they have been recognized by 116 countries. Well, let us not see how many countries recognized them? [Kosovo Foreign Minister] Bexgjet Pacolli complained to me that I had destroyed his career and asked me why I was doing all this with the recognition. We are not working against Kosovo, but rather to force them to create some kind of compromise”, Dacic said for Happy TV.

He said that he had recently visited the countries of the Pacific and that with the majority of them Serbia had not had established diplomatic relations.

With the country of Nauru, which has recently withdrawn the recognition of Kosovo, we established diplomatic relations in September, but there are still none with countries such as Samoa and Vanuatu, he said.

“I cannot fail to be surprised by what those who preceded us had been doing [the previous governing echelon headed by the Democratic Party (DS), with whom Dacic’s Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) was in coalition]. If we do not have established diplomatic relations, that means that you do not have any kind of contacts with that country, that you do not exist for that country. They recognize Kosovo and do not recognize us. We have allowed this. And the situation is not like this only on the Pacific”, Dacic underlined.

He said that Belgrade was also working on the members of UNESCO and Interpol which are not countries, but rather territories, and which had earlier voted for the entry of Kosovo into these organizations, to now “take the side of Serbia”.