Serbian Media Negative Towards NATO and US, positive on Russia

 The media, in their articles, have prejudices and a negative attitude about NATO, which is influenced the most by the fact that the Alliance had bombed Serbia in 1999, and they have a virtually identical negative standpoint towards the US, while a positive attitude is expressed towards Russia, is the conclusion of the research.

The research has shown that television and the newspapers do not have a great influence on the views of the citizens about the US and NATO, while radio and social networks mostly influence the citizens to build a positive attitude towards NATO.

It was said at the presentation that the situation in the media was very complicated, that there are about 2,000 media in Serbia, 200 of this number are printed media, and that the general atmosphere towards NATO was created by 10 tabloids, “which every third day predict war”.

“There is an enormous difference between that which the media publish and the official policy of the state towards NATO. The main message of the tabloids is that NATO wants to destroy us, and Russia and Putin to protect us, which has no bearing in reality”, journalist Milan Misic said.