‘True Romance’: Masked Boys with Fake Guns Enter Classroom in Order to Give a Rose to a Girl

Two underage boys from Cacak barged into a class in High Economic School in that city wearing masks and “armed” with plastic replicas of handguns, the local media reported.

They caused panic in the class they barged in, especially after they even “fired” into the air from false guns.

The situation calmed down and got a drastically different twist, when the boys approached one of the girls from the class, left a rose on the table in front of her and then left the classroom and the school.

The courtship, however, ended up in a less romantic way: police identified and arrested two boys on Wednesday and pressed violation charges against them.

As a consolation, they were announced that what they did “has no elements of an act of crime”.

The media did not report if such unusual courtship had any other effects, except the effect in the media.