US Ambassador: Serbian Citizens are Bombarded daily with Lies about USA, EU

The US Ambassador in Serbia Kyle Scott said on Thursday that Serbian citizens were being bombarded every day with the worst lies about his country, as well as other countries of the West and European Union.

On a digital summit in Belgrade, Scott presented his own experience on Twitter, where he was active in the past two years and where he was exposed to insults and threats every day.

He said that as the US representative he tried to speak about everyday life problems, but also politics, and thus emphasize what traditional media were leaving out, but also to see what people think through the feedback.

On examples, the Ambassadors showed what kind of insults he was facing after his announcements on Twitter. He said that he received various advises where he should continue his career, what he should do or eat.

After he published a photo showing him donating blood voluntarily, someone suggested that they should take 20 liters of blood from him.

They insulted his mother, told him to “go home and die”, and drew a mustache on his photo.

“During the time I have spent on Twitter, my skin has become harder than the saddle”, Scott said and emphasized that it was his job to get USA’s word heard.

“Many in Serbia believe that hatred towards America is good business. However, this is not doing any favors to the intelligence of Serbian people, and thus we are facing various challenges in order to get the message through”, Scott said.

He reiterated that the relations between USA and Serbia did not start in the 1990s and that Serbia was not founded during the rule of Slobodan Milosevic and that Serbs should be reminded that the two countries had a long history together, while emphasizing that “Serbs were not always the criminals, but they were not always victims either”.