US Analyst: West must Reassess Its Relation Towards Vucic after Pentagon’s Report

Pentagon’s report about how Serbia intensified cooperation with Russia since Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) came to power confirmed what was suspected for a long time and it showed that the relation of the West towards Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic must change – especially over cooperation with Russian intelligence services, a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University in Washington Edward Joseph said, news agencies reported on Thursday.

Joseph emphasized for Voice of America (VOA) that this report was very significant because it officially confirmed what was always suspected – that Serbia was intensifying its military cooperation with Russia while simultaneously, internally, was going backward in implementation of reforms and democratization and allegedly was trying to resolve Kosovo issue. He pointed out that it was known that Russia had no interest at all to resolve the Kosovo issue.

Joseph also emphasized that the sincerity of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was becoming questionable when he was saying that he was interested in EU membership and asked how this could be possible with such [pro-Russian] policy.

He believed that the report was a warning to diplomats that were speaking to Vucic to watch out how much he cooperated with Russia because the US Government was completely aware of how deep and widespread was cooperation between Serbia and Russia.

Joseph warned that the cooperation between Serbian and Russian services must not be ignored, nor it could be said that Vucic was just balancing in relations. He emphasized that the cooperation between intelligence services was always above it and, when once the field of espionage and cooperation in that area was entered – this was becoming totally incompatible with the West and EU.