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Exporters letter to the Minister of Finance: We cannot hire people with different skills

Exporters letter to the Minister of Finance: We cannot hire people with

The association "Pro-Export Albania" asks the Minister of Finance to remove the obligation to employ people with different skills as they are in difficulties.

In a letter sent today to Minister Ervin Mete, the Association "Pro-Export Albania" wishes to express its concern over an event that has been happening recently regarding LAW No. 15/2019 FOR THE PROMOTION OF EMPLOYMENT - Employment of persons from special groups, obligation for Public and Private Employers.

The clothing and footwear manufacturing sector is going through a very alarming situation, as you are also aware, with a significant drop in orders/production for export (INSTAT data August 2023 -21.9% compared to July 2023), the rate of exchange rate, increase in costs, significant lack of liquidity, amortization of production plants and a host of other problems that this sector has, the letter states.

"Putting emphasis on what we presented above, it is added as a cost and the legal obligation of Law no. 15/2019 which, beyond the social impact and help for the special groups that each of us welcomes and has always contributed to, increases the costs of businesses in the sector to about 8%, not counting the investments needed to create suitable working environments for disabled people in manufacturing plants" argue the exporters.

They point out that there is no feasibility analysis with reference to our sector and the situation is inappropriate to establish a "Mandatory Social Tax", when the economic indicators are the perceiver and the certifier of the economic depression that has taken hold.

Under these conditions, we ask from you:

– Proper reflection and stopping the application for a second moment;

- The creation of a technical table (or even in the National Labor Council) where discussions and analysis give way after its application, the exporters ask the Ministry./Monitor

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