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PISA "incentivized" education, Manastirliu "shut up" the SP Congress

PISA "incentivized" education, Manastirliu "shut up" the SP

The abilities of 15-year-old students in Albania for the subject of mathematics, reading and science have deteriorated. This was stated in the PISA 2022 report.

However, this alarm bell seems not to have fallen on the ears of the government. At the SP Congress that was held today, Minister Ogerta Manastirliu spoke at length about the increase in teachers' salaries up to 950 euros.

"The year 2024 will be the year of the historic salary increase for teachers, bringing the average salary of teachers to 950 euros for the first time. With the increase in salaries, we not only support the teachers in the system, but we intend to attract and keep talented individuals in the teaching profession for the Albania of today but also for the Albania of tomorrow", Manastirliu said at the SP Congress.

But in her speech, she did not even touch on the PISA report as a concern, which is obviously a warning for the young generations who are being educated and who will build tomorrow, the future of the country.

The minister did not even stop at the departure of young people from the country, which in the last 10 years has reached record numbers, even though today's Congress was held exactly on Youth Day, which today finds Albania without youth.

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