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Zhupa interpellance with Kushi for ASA: They fulfilled Gjinushi's wishes with VKM. Minister" It's not a fusion, it's a union

Zhupa interpellance with Kushi for ASA: They fulfilled Gjinushi's wishes

The democratic MP Ina Zhupa called the Minister of Education, Evis Kushi, to the interpellation regarding the merger of the Academy of Albanological Studies.

Zhupa said from the Assembly that the government fulfilled the wish of VKM Skënder Gjinushi. Zhupa said that Gjinushi openly declared his desire to close ASA, when he said that the request was made by the Academy of Sciences.

"Unlike Kushi who praised the academy, Gjinushi never hid that he wanted to close it. In 2021, Gjinushi would express what would happen. So he tells us that the reforms in this country are done by Gjinushi, the word comes to him and not to the minister, and you made a VKM to fulfill the political wishes of Gjinushi, you broke the law. It is like the academy of the order saying that it should be merged with that of the arts, and it is done.

The justification was that they were born there and from there they can return, but Albanology was born faster. You make a VKM where you disrupt the academy and violate the constitution, because you violate academic autonomy and freedom. Violate the autonomy protected by the Constitution, 15 years in these years the methodology and projects have changed, how do you choose them by making them vassals of Skënder Gjinushi" , said Zupa.

The minister said that it is not a question of disappearance, taking Gjinushi to his defense. Kushi said that no student has been registered at ASA for 8 years and in such conditions the institution itself applies for closure.

"How can an institution be insulted by the personal grudge you have with Gjinushi. Your statement "former politicians came under pressure under the tutelage of Gjinushi" is a serious insult. There is no question of extinction or merger, the decision envisages merger. Take the letters I addressed in December 2021 to the Academy of Albanian Studies to reorganize in accordance with the law. We are an institution that makes laws and justify the violation of the law?! An academy must have a faculty, according to the law... It doesn't have one! No student has been registered for 8 years. It is the institution itself that applies for the closure of the institution, but they have not done so. They have had PhD students for years and are not taking them to completion. We will raise it to a new level" , said Kushi.


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