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PHOTO/ This is Martin Bardhi, executed in Rrëshen

PHOTO/ This is Martin Bardhi, executed in Rrëshen

The person you see in the photo is Martin Bardhi, who was executed this morning with a barrage of bullets.

Bardhi was in his bar in the center of Rrëshen, in the presence of some friends and relatives, when two masked people got out of a Jeep type vehicle and approached the target, at which they fired a volley of shots. .

PHOTO/ This is Martin Bardhi, executed in Rrëshen

The bullets caused the immediate death of Bardhi, while the other 3 people were injured. They were sent to the Trauma hospital in Tirana, for specialized medical assistance.

The black "Jeep Cherokee" type vehicle, for which we are verifying who it belongs to and whether it has been reported stolen, was completely burned.

Martin Bardhi or Marku, is a person known to the authorities, as in March of this year, together with his son and grandson, they were involved in a conflict with firearms at the exit of the city of Rrëshen.

The 59-year-old was arrested and, according to information, he was released under still unclear circumstances some time ago, while his son and grandson were being sought.

The director of Lezha Police, Alfred Elezi, told the media that the investigations are in the first phase and the conflicts that the Bardhi tribe has had with other tribes are being clarified.

"We are still in the first phase. The conflicts that the Bardhi tribe had with other tribes are known, and we are working to clarify and identify the perpetrators ," he said.

The police said that they had deployed the RENEA and FNSH special forces, setting up checkpoints on Rruga e Kombit, in the direction of Kukës, Laçi, Lezha and Dibra.

 Also, the Police announced that control was being exercised from the air, through helicopters and drones, while a few hours after the crime, there is still no arrest or identification of the perpetrators.

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